Temporary disability - accessible food

Recently, I’ve broken my right hand. This makes me temporarily disabled for the next 4-6 weeks. As a right-handed person, it is a horrible experience. Normal activities take much longer. One thing in my life turned out to be disabled-friendly - and you’ve guessed, it’s Huel. I can’t prepare a traditional meal, but preparing Huel doesn’t require any outside help.

Thank you Huel for being there for me!

Have you had any similar experience?


From experience there is a lot you can learn to do when you have to. I fractured and dislocated my right shoulder a few years ago, and couldn’t use my right arm for 6 weeks or so, but after a while I learned new things.

Hope you have a swift recovery.

I’m jealous. 8 months after the dislocation and fracture of my right shoulder and I’m still in a darn sling :persevere:
I’ve got another 4-8 weeks to go then a lot of physio to get range of movement and strength back.

Huel has been very handy - although I have to admit to resorting to RTD on a few occasions because washing up one-handed is a pain and all the drugs make me tired and lazy.

I can now do pretty much everything with my left hand now though, even write legibly.

The only thing I can’t do with just one arm is tie my hair up which is infuriating as my hair is really long and gets in the way. I’ve come close to shaving it all off a few times :joy:

Wow - that does seem a log time. Yours was a dislocation and fracture too…guess your fracture was worse than mine! To be fair it did take about 9 months to get full movement and over a year to properly heal, and yes a lot of painful physio before the pain went away totally - at some points I wondered if it would ever get the full movement back. Luckily, I’ve never had any further issues with it and I never get any pain now. I’ve got quite a high pain threshold so that probably helped me push myself to get it fixed. I didn’t even take any painkillers when I got to the hospital (admittedly it did really hurt)…and I had to make my own way there as it was an august bank holiday and no ambulances around.

The hardest thing was sleeping sitting up for weeks on end.

I had to have surgery :frowning:
I got full ROM back after the dislocation within about 3 weeks (I worked really hard!) but after 6 months of daily physio trying to build up the supporting muscles, it still dislocated all the time and I had nerve pain down my back and reduced motor function in my right hand.
I’m now 8 weeks post op and the recovery after surgery is 300 times worse than after the initial injury. I seriously was not mentally (or practically) prepared for how hard life was gonna be !
Sleeping has been ok - they gave me a fancy wedge to lean on. Not being allowed to move my arm away from my body even to wash has by far been the worst thing ever

This is why lefties are superior


Arggh…that sucks, and was my fear knowing someone who having dislocated his shoulder in a mountain bike accident over a decade ago still finds it dislocates now and again. I forgot you’d had surgery but you did mention it in another thread…!

It’s been a nightmare.
I can’t wait to be allowed back on my bike again. But after a year of not being able to use my dominant arm, I’m gonna be scared to ever fall off again!! Falling is all part of mountain biking and I’ve fallen loads of times but never injured myself badly. Darn that stupid bmx. I’m never going on a bmx again :joy:

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I’m practically an honorary leftie now :grin:


There are some videos on YouTube showing how to put hair in pony tail one-handed though I take it you may well have seen them. Never had to do this myself so don’t know how easy/difficult it is. You have my complete sympathy :grimacing: :kissing_heart:

@bee I tried many techniques but none of them are possible when you have an injury ie cannot roll around on the floor, go upside down or lean forwards or basically do any movement likely to cause the joint to move even an inch !

I even bought some special toggled hair bands that got shipped all the way from Australia - they are specially made for people with only one arm and you use your toes to pull it tight.
I couldn’t make it work however - I can see it working on maybe shoulder length hair but mine is very thick and long and the toggle just pulled loose and fell out.

I’ve had fun getting my hair stuck in the Velcro straps of the sling :laughing: :woman_facepalming:t3: :weary:

The whole experience has given me a massive appreciation for people that live with life long disabilities. I think we all sympathise and think ‘oh it must be hard’ but it’s not until you experience a minor disability yourself it really hits home just how much harder everything is. I have a new level of admiration for every elderly and disabled person I know

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I’ve shaved my head a few years ago, so at least I don’t have to worry about my hair :joy: