The £35,000 Huel dare

The makers of Huel are daring people to not eat food for an entire year - is this a dare that any of you would consider? Or perhaps:

  • Spend a year living in a haunted house?
  • Spend a year without speaking?
  • Spend a year only eating one type of food (eg peas)?
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You would die. Unless you are morbidly obese to sustain life for an entire year without food.

The point I am making is that Huel = food.

Besides, that challenge is over - the Huel team did not go through with it because testing just one person would not provide enough evidence.

Even if you were morbidly obese…you probably wouldn’t last a year, without taking at least some vitamin supplements…be interesting to see someone try it tho…Channel 4 should commission a show.

Well they could always comission a show into breatharians.

I live in a town where a few people have claimed to be Breatharians. There are all sorts of idiots living here though…can you guess where it is?

It must be close to the ice wall surrounding the edges of our flat earth… The US?

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Performed under medical supervision, with vitamin & mineral supplements provided.

Oh yes, there are plenty of flat earths here too…

Ah yes, interesting…but as I surmised, supplemented. Must have been a tough year though.

I could easily spend an entire year in a “haunted” house if that means I can give up my rent for my apartment for a year since I do not believe they exist and if they do exist then they never bothered me nor do they scare me.
A year not speaking is out of the question and probably very unhealthy psychologically speaking. Eating nothing but peas is very unhealthy as well as very boring and you would soon be fed up. I would take the year of Huel over all but the haunted house.

Be good to follow your journey

I’ve spent 6 months almost solely on a Huel diet, having up to 3000kcal a day, and I felt absolutely fine. The only thing I felt was that my teeth were feeling a little wobbly, this being because the gums holding my teeth were beginning to weaken from lack of chewing, so I found myself munching on the occasional apple or handful of nuts.

Are they actually doing it? If there was £35,000 in it I’d do it, they did something similar before but I think they hey cancelled it and then Julian said that there weren’t benefits to doing a long study on it. I might be wrong though. It’s the sort of think I think I could do but it would definitely be hard

I think the other three I wouldn’t do for £35,000. Maybe the haunted house, would be interesting If I didn’t die. Speaking would be impossible, you just would speak accidentally at some point over the year and eating just peas or something like that wouldn’t work I don’t think.

Also if they are asking someone to do this for a year (the husk bit) is a dare, I’d see it more as interesting and a challenge than a dare

Alas no. They trialled the idea with two one month studies and whilst they were really interesting the perception was that (as with any company doing in-house research) the results would likely be viewed as biased and for a year study to be of real value it’d have to be a third party clinical trial.