The dribble at the end: made-up measures vs actual measures

Hello - I’m a relatively new user to Huel but been using it for a month, with fantastic results.

Being a pedant, I thought it would be useful to share a bit of info for anyone using Huel to be very specific about their measurements.

For the past week I’ve accurately measured how much Huel is left in the shaker bottle, that you aren’t able to consume. What I mean is the ‘dribble’ that you get left in the bottle, on the sides, that is left behind once you’ve finished your consumption.

It’s actually quite an eye-opener.

By my calculations, there’s an average of 46g left in the bottle (based on 1:5 ratio).

This means 9.2g of Huel is unconsumed (and I assume this won’t change, no matter the quantity you make up), which is worth bearing in mind.

E.g. in a 600ml make-up of Huel (so, 400cal), you actually only consume 363 calories.

Of course, I’m sure others might be more efficient at getting the dribbles out of the bottle, but useful to know if you are using Huel as part of a very specific diet, weight-loss programme or for specific sport nutrition.

100g of Huel IN the bottle doesn’t mean consumption of 100g of Huel in your stomach…

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I usually put a bit of water in at the end, give it a swill and finish that. A lot less is left in the bottle then


I use a straw so suck up my dribble with an annoyingly loud sucky sound :slight_smile:


Yep, I’m another one who swirls water to get it all out. I’m pretty confident I get most of it out.

I think scoops v scales would cause more of a discrepancy. At work I just use a scoop to measure but use scales at home for accuracy.

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This one really does. Tim when he’s done it in the office has had variations of 7 grams when trying to get a level flat scoop, which if you work it out over a week really starts to add up.

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“really starts to even out”

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After I’ve finished my Huel I’ll put maybe another 400ml of water into the shaker, swill it around and drink that. On top of the excellent hydration, not only does this make washing up a doddle, but I get just about every last bit and there’s less bits floating around in my mouth if I clean my teeth afterwards.

I get practically no residue with 1.2.

2.0 is another story, so I concur. Much more remains after I finish and let it sit for a while. Harder to clean, as well.

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