The Founder backed Brexit


Isn’t the reality though if Dyson products were manufactured here they would be even more expensive than they are now? they have to be competitive in order to survive. And all of Dysons engineering and customer service etc (AFAIK) is UK based.


That is the reality, yes. But if he practiced what he preached he still wouldn’t have moved production out of the UK. (although they did that way before Brexit was a thing, I still think it’s valid)

The cost of a Dyson didn’t go down when they moved production out of the UK did it? But I bet their profits went up.

I have nothing against companies being successful or making profit by the way. I don’t like it when the people running them seem to be disingenuous and hypocritical though.


As far as I know the Huel powder is still only produced in the UK and US, but the Huel ready-to-drink are produced in US and Austria, so only the RTD part of the business are inside of the EU.


Define cheaper.
You pay less because industry is moved somewhere with poor working conditions with low/minimum wages or even child labour (often clothes) - not saying that’s true for Dyson but cheaper not rarely mean someone else pays with their well-being. I’d hope Huelers (many being ethically aware) try not to support such practice elsewhere.


Keep your political preferances to yourself and don’t judge others for theirs. If you dont want to shop with a company whose owner or employees has a different opinoin to yours, thats your choice.

Moraly or polictially posturing yourself by virtue singnaling needs to stop.

No one knows if Brexit will be good or bad or the UK or EU, its all speculation and a personal choice.


I have heard that you need ear plugs to save your ears from bleeding while using the Dyson. Is this true to some extend?


To be honest I do wear ear defenders when I use mine. Even on the lowest setting it’s like 90 decibels and I’m not a fan of horrible sounds like that at that volume.


What the V10?! My V8 is pretty much silent compared to the upright it replaced. :joy:


Yeah. The v10’s are noisy buggers.


Huh. Surprising and disappointing.


Manufacturing of goods is not the uks strongpoint.

It’s better in Asia.

We are good at high value R&D and intricate products. Dysons are simply made but complex to develop. Dyson has it the right way round.

He does fund his own engineering scholarship and encourages UK Engineering.

Simple manufacturing has no margin in raw materials even before the labour is counted.

As for Huel, it’s founder is entitled to his opinion. Just like everyone else.

Ultimately, nobody knows what will happen until it happens.

I am a remainer, but I know it will be people like me recovering the economy whatever the outcome.


Well that’s me not buying Huel any more.

Brexit is reckless, destructive, and built on a far-right, xenophobic lie.

Which is Julian? Is he xenophobic? Does he (wrongly) think the EU is responsible for the government’s austerity policy? Or is he set to benefit in some way from Brexit? These are the only categories that exist.


Here here! Hoover up this thread with your V10 @Coup


Goodness me, have a day off mate.

This says enough, and quite frankly, makes it clear to us that you are a judgemental, virtue signalling not-moron. :innocent:

Please watch this and re-evaluate how you see the world and the way you deal with those who disagree with you.

Shouting down and insulting those with differing opinions does not make you a superior being, nor does it make your opinion any more valid. Julian’s reasons may be just as valid or invalid as yours were to disagree.

As per the video, shouting and crying in your safe space while insulting those on the other side doesn’t work any more.


You know it’s funny that you start going on about ‘shouting and crying in your safe space’ when you’re the first to roll out the insults.

Not shouting. Not insulting. I posed a question - which category does he fit in to?

Is he xenophobic (‘eww immigrants [that have a net positive contribution to the economy, a fact]’’)

or is he one of those claiming that Brexit was all about challenging the status quo (‘to hell with the way things are done, instead of voting for change at general election I’ll appropriate this vote on EU membership instead’)

or does he benefit from Brexit in some way? What I like to call, the Jacob Rees-Mogger.

That’s all there is to it really. No shouting necessary. Just disappointment.


I’m not entirely sure, I’m not Julian, but this in itself is an insult and sign of utter ignorance:

It’s immature.

I’m fairly central on Brexit - I’m not in or out, just intrigued. I’ll tell you what though, he’s built a multi million pound company which is contributing to the population’s general health, reducing emissions and carbon footprint and also educating people about caloric intake and nutrition.

He’s a very successful businessman and I’d trust him a lot more than your standard graduate fresh out of university claiming Brexit is “the end of their life”.

As I said, I’m in the middle. I’m open to discussion, I listen, I contemplate. I don’t hurl assumptions and throw my toys out of the pram.

If I had the choice now, I’d stay in, but do I have a single belief in my mind that I can generalise 50% of those who voted and make assumptions about their beliefs? Absolutely not.


Oh believe me, I’m looking forward to Julian explaining himself on this forum beyond finishing his sentence with ‘hahahahah’ (which suggests a lack of knowledge on the gravity of the situation).

I’m looking forward to it so that I can better decide which category he fits in to.



Now now everyone calm down just a sec, let me remind you of the rules of the forum.

With all due respect, nobody owes you an explanation. I see you’re trying to get a reaction but if you want to fight with strangers over the internet there are far better places to do so


Ryan, I never said he owes us an explanation. I just said I was looking forward to one. I should have said ‘if one is forthcoming’, but forgive me, it’s been a long day.

I’m also not trying to get a reaction. I wasn’t the one who called someone a ‘judgemental, virtue-signalling moron’. I made a statement, I wasn’t fighting with anybody (until someone helpfully came along and decided to argue with me).


Fair enough. I wish the spectator could see this thread! According to them we’re all twenty-something white males obsessed with our self image. Look at us all being mature and having different opinions.

The cover of the spectator back in August: