The Founder backed Brexit


I like trains


Actually, it is manufactured in UK, CAN (US powder), US and AUT if I’m not mistaken. The origin of the ingredients varies from EU to China.


UK is in Europe last I checked the atlas


Perhaps no censorship but there’s definitely effort by some to steer the conversation away from certain topics. Did you change the thread title @Mica? If not then who did?
Do you usually poll the forum on whether to close a thread @Julian?

I personally don’t give a monkey’s who voted for what BUT I’m all for civilised freedom of speech, as per the forum guidelines of course. As an aside, this thread regarding Brexit seems to have been hijacked by folks looking to discuss hoovers, which is in fact against forum guidelines:
“Keep it Tidy: Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.” :wink:

Those who are tired of a subject can steer clear of any thread pertaining to that subject.
Those who wish to engage in civilised exchange of ideas should be allowed to do so, no?
There are plenty of examples of enthusiastic and civilised exchange of ideas on this thread, probably more posts than from those who dismiss the subject out of hand.

Huel maybe apolitical as a company but … we’re all adults here… aren’t we?


You know, I can’t even disagree with you there.

Fair point, well made. Especially with the forum guidelines quote.


I will own up to changing the thread title.
I didn’t divert the topic to hoovers though - that had already happened many days before.
I agree about civilised discussion.
But a few people were getting really nasty to each other due to differing political views - and that is against the guidelines.
I purposely didn’t make any comment at all on this thread whilst it was focused on politics, partly because I believe someone’s political view is private and the only ‘evidence’ was a link that didn’t work. So everyone seemed to be debating about what they thought someone might have voted.
Civilised discussion is great.
But politics seems to attract non-civilised behaviour from a few.
The thread has been active for quite a while now, and pretty much everyone who wanted to express their view has done so.
I think the poll is quite a good way to see what the majority want.
If most people want the discussion to stay open, then the thread title could be changed back (but perhaps to something more appropriate than directing wrath at one individual).

Edit: all subsequent thread title changes are not me!!!


Actually my Dyson DC14 is still going well…


I’d be curious to know what you thought of the tone of my posts, or at least if they stuck out as malicious at all to you on your first pass over the thread. I have a certain style of debating that can be blunt, and I fear that that can on occasion come across as mocking and nasty (which certainly isn’t my intent), so it would be good to know if my fear is unfounded or if it’s something I need to work on.


I wasn’t referring to you at all @IcyElemental


Good to know! I can come across as very blunt sometimes so wanted to check.

As for the topic at hand, I do enjoy political discourse and want to hear viewpoints from the ‘other’ side (as I’m aware I, like most, probably live in a bit of an echo chamber). However if it makes others uneasy, I’m happy to go elsewhere for that given this is, after all, a forum about Huel.


I’m probably gonna get a lot of flack now.
But I really wasn’t trying to police the thread at all. Definitely wasn’t trying to censor it.
It just seemed to be attracting some nastiness in a forum that is usually a really nice friendly place.
I was much more entertained by the hoover posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It wasn’t really my place to change the thread title. So apologies to anyone who has been annoyed by me doing this.
It just seemed like the debate had gone on long enough. Most people had said their piece. It became quite tedious everytime someone started it up again.
So I thought I’d make it a bit less visible so it might die down a bit.
Not really sorry.
Political discussions could go on forever…


@ChristinaT the new forum moderator, Tim’s deputy :grinning:


Nooooooooooooo thanks
Don’t want that job
I like fun way too much to have to be serious

Plus policing you @Ian42 would make all my hair fall out. And I like my hair.


I think @ChristinaT should be locked up for derailing Brexit.


Nah. I think she deserves a pat on the back :wink:


With a sledgehammer


LOL would have expected no less from you my friend :rofl:


Changing the title was a kind of weird thing to do. But ho hum.

Why would the thread be locked? No other threads get locked, they just become inactive and fall to the bottom.

As for the best vacuum - anything but a Dyson.


Loads of threads get locked:

  1. Any that are repeating any previously thoroughly discussed topic
  2. Any that are asking a question that has already been answered multiple times in other threads
  3. Any where the discussion has attracted behaviour that this isn’t within the forum guidelines
  4. Any that are inappropriate topics for this forum
  5. Questions / Queries that have been fully solved and therefore need no further input
  6. Topics that have been fully discussed and have come to a close
  7. Few other reasons that I can’t think of right now…

This thread isn’t clearly one that needs closing, but quite a few people would prefer it was closed, and have implied so by diverting the topic.
Also, there were some posts bordering on being offensive which is why Tim suggested a while back that he would lock the thread if that sort of behaviour continued.
Considering all of the above, the moderators could easily have just locked the thread. But having a poll to see what people want is leaving the choice up to us. Seems fair to me…


Currently the poll is 50/50…it’s even closer than Brexit.