The pop up isn't popping up

As a happy huel user (many thanks) I am attempting to refer a friend.
It isn’t the process which confuses me, but the pop up isn’t appearing.
I have made sure pop ups are allowed on my device…assistance please?

Strange … It works fine for me (I’m using Safari).

Great to hear you are a happy Huel user! Thank you for letting us know about this, someone mentioned earlier on Twitter too, so clearly this is an issue. Problem is I can’t replicate it.

Here is the link, can some other folks try it?!sharing/

I’ve tried on Mozilla and Chrome for desktop and Chrome for mobile and all is good. Mobile is a bit less obvious but it does appear, it just takes a moment or 5, screenshot attached:


Once we nail it down, I can try and contact the app developers, however the problem is that SLoyalty, who ran the app have now discontinued it. There are a few other things that are problematic that we haven’t been able to change.

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, works ok for me on Chrome and Safari on a mac, and on android.

Didn’t work for me on Chrome with uBlock Origin, Disconnect and Flash Control. Did my order via Firefox.