The start of Tim's experience

Hello Folks,

I thought I would jump on say hello.
Having tested out a sample yesterday, and found it, ‘not to bad’ i’ve just ordered for a big bag to start the journey!

The appeal is the convenance side for me. Mostly to avoid the dreaded Tesco meal deal whilst at work when you just need something to keep you going. I’ve never used any protein shakes or supplements, so i’m purely on for a healthy meal replacement.

I’m moderately active, and a fit bit user.

My weight has been fairly stable at 11 stone 1 lb with 22% fat for the last 6 months, despite efforts to shed a little.
With a height of 170 cm and the ripe old age of 33 gives me a BMI of 24.4 which makes it the top end of normal

I’m hoping to use Huel for breakfast and lunch most days.
Here we go!


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Great; keep us posted :slight_smile:

Hello Folks,

A quick update.

I’m just starting my 3rd week of Huel.

Week 1 Mon-Fri, I replaced breakfast with 2 scoops a day.
Week 2 Mon-Fri, I replaced breakfast and lunch with 2 scoops each a day,
with some afternoon having another 2.

Now I should point out, the last two weekends seemed to have a lot of food, which went someway to marginalise the results. But have started with some mild weights lifting in the morning.

At the start of week 3, i’m at 11 stone, with 20.4% body fat.
(Measured on Fitbit Aria Scales, in the morning before any fluids, workout etc to make it as consistent as possible)

This week i’ve been having 4 scoops a day, but as singles with about 500 mils of water. It seems to mix better and having it evenly though the day seems to avoids the urge to snake.

The results are going the right way, and typical of what i’ve been getting on a ‘good week’ with regular food. No surprise, it’s a meal replacement after all.

Overall the big difference, is that I feel like i’ve got way more energy, just a general sense of well being. No side effects, in stomach, or digestion at all.

The convenance is amazing. I’ve got a large plastic tub with it in which is a lot easier to reseal than the bags. (A Huel branded one would be nice :wink:

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I was thinking of this, I have the huge tubs left over from whey products, how easy was it to transfer from bag to tub without getting powder everywhere? / what method did you use.


Surprisingly very easy.
I had imagined big clouds of dust, but just slipped in like tipping sand.


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Good to know thank you, I had a bad experience with my first order, the toffee pouch was punctured I assume during delivery and all my stuff (T shirts etc) was covered in powder so I don’t want to go through that again.

I’ll give this a go, cheers.

Hello m

A year on and still hueling!

I have mostly huel at work and normal foods at all other times.
With occasional huel at home as a quick meal, when the wife is away.

Around September I got down to the 22 BMI I was aiming for.
It was done as a slow maintainable way, with little hard ship.

Huel’s convenience has really helped at work. I’ve not had a Tesco meal deal at my desk for over a year.

However, having worked away a lot recently, which means meals out. On top of that the usual Christmas, I’ve got some ground to catch up.
Luckily Huel Bars have arrived (waited for delivery now!) which I hope will help with the the out of office.

Thanks huels
Keep up the good work.



Hi @timedwards1234 - good to hear you’re doing well with Huel; great progress!

So many of us use huel for exactly that reason. There’s marketing to be done around that @Gulliver_Huel :wink:

Meal deals…I think our favourite comedian* covered that in his recent run of TV shows…not the same episode featuring Huel though :stuck_out_tongue:

*Dave Gorman