The World Needs Vegan Keto/LCHF Huel


If there were no people we wouldn’t need to worry about them. Without birth there is no suffering.


If I’m going to be absolutely cynical and dark, yet still mature and objective, what you’re saying is by causing further overpopulation, we’ll create a larger population to ensure the existing population live longer, thereby creating further overpopulation?

Honestly man folk don’t like hearing it but it’s scary - Vegan, non vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, there are too many of us. Too many of us doing too many damaging things.

Hey here’s one for you - Have a little look at how much fuel a commercial airliner goes through then download FlightRadar to your phone. Hover over Heathrow and come back here and talk further about how we’re not doomed…


This is the crux of the matter. The Industrial Revolution was the start of our demise.


Well were everyone to go vegan, we could feed many more than now. Until a point, that we’ll pass eventually, then we’re back to status quo

So I agree with you Phil. Optimally, we’d become fewer. But like you I think we’re doomed, it’s when not if really.



To answer your question – no, that is not what I wrote.

Also, as I have already pointed out (see: 1), before one can have any meaningful conversation on the topic of overpopulation, one has to clearly state how they define overpopulation (and explain why). In your posts (including the last one) you make an implicit assumption that our planet is overpopulated. There are many estimates of the carrying capacity. If memory serves me well, the median is 10^10 (i.e. much higher than the current population size). Most (if not all) such estimates make the ceteris paribus assumption, which means that they do not take technological advancements into account, while in reality, technology increases the carrying capacity (so, as an example, when the population size increases to, let us say, 10^10 in 2050, the carrying capacity may just as well have been increased to 5*10^10). Science and technology aside, these estimates would be much higher if most of the population switched to veganism/vegetarianism (related to limited efficiency of energy transfers between trophic levels).

This whole discussion is utterly OT ;)…


Animals suffer too, you know ;)…


Yeah they do…and maybe if we didnt kill so many of them unnecessarily after subjecting them to short miserable lives they wouldn’t so much.


That’d all be well and good if humans weren’t greedy, selfish and destructive.

Your figures are purely mathematical, they’re all theory.

The fact is we’re destroying the planet and not slowing down. This is evident, this is physical fact.

Our habits are too widespread to be corrected and there are too many people with those destructive habits.

Throw all of the figures you want at it, but there are too many cars, too many planes, too many cruise liners, too many farms producing too much meat for too many people.

It’s a case of accept this and perish or deny it and perish. Both inevitably have the same outcome and to try and force an entire global population to change is futile.


Thank you for sharing your opinion, @GTIPuG :slight_smile:


Hi All! Going back to the topic of this discussion - would the world benefit if Huel decided to provide a vegan alternative for those who choose a ketogenic/LCHF diet as their lifestyle, or should the rapidly growing keto/LCHF community be left alone (i.e. continue its shift towards anti-veganism and the carnivore diet)?
Also, shall those of us interested in LCHF keep waiting for the Huel team to come up with a new product, or do you think we should just move on?


For myself, I think Huel is just fine as it is. A nutritious, well-balanced, convenient and vegan alternative. Just as it set out to be.


Totally agree with @Bee it’s fine as it is, if I wasn’t happy with it and it didn’t fit in with what I wanted, I would move on to something else, I wouldn’t moan about it.




Thank you for you replies, guys, but I feel these did not answer my question so, just to double check, are you saying that you would prefer Huel not to offer another product in addition to the one they already do (i.e. not to provide the consumer with more choice)?


I would love a keto version. But I don’t see it happening any time soon unfortunately.


Just to confirm I didn’t say that at all, I said

Huel is still a small company and it is expanding but it can’t please everyone. High carbs, low carbs, high protein and more. This has been brought up many times and maybe one day you will get your wish of a keto version. I am not saying at all I would prefer Huel not to offer another product, I want them to grow and expand there product range. I am happy with what’s available now, it’s done me the world of good and where all not vegans here. But if I wanted a keto version I would go elsewhere and get some and keep an eye on Huel in case it brings some out. I certainly wouldn’t say this,


@triquetra011 I said what I said and meant what I said. No more, no less.


The keto bandwagon will soon move on, as will that 100% carnivore diet nonsense. It’s all fluid.


Well[quote=“Bee, post:32, topic:12319, full:true”]
@triquetra011 I said what I said and meant what I said. No more, no less.

Well, very eloquently put, thanks @Bee