Time for permanent change

Hi Everyone,

First time posting on here and looking forward to what the next few months will hold. I am 41 6,1 and weighed in at 16st 8lbs on the 1st January (New Year, New me!) the heaviest I have ever been. I started a new job in Sept 16 and for the first time it meant I wasn’t office based so I spend a lot of time on the road, eating at service stations and staying in hotels and for the first few months didn’t worry about what I ate or drank and when I realised the impact it was having I felt like I had failed and there was no hope or point in changing which only made the situation worse. So this year I decided to change my ways, I have bought Huel vanilla and add a shot of coffee granules to it and love the flavour. I have 2 x 3 scoops per day for breakfast and lunch then a proper dinner. I also bought the sample flavours pack (hated Strawberry, tastes chemically, toffee & caramel both taste good) for a bit of variety. I weighed myself today and was happy to see I was down to 15st 13lb! I have restarted at the gym but only been a few times, need to increase to 3-4 times per week. Just booked a holiday with the family for August so hopefully by the time it comes round I will no longer have the ‘Dad bod’! Watch this space…


And then august came and went, but no update?

  • just fell over this post and got currious😬 (bored much? I think that’s a yes…)

Dad bods are “in” don’t worry :wink:

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