To thai or not to thai

I usually stick to mac, chilli and madras but thinking of branching out to the world of Thai green curry. What’s putting me off is most people say its very thin. I prefer all the others quite thick. Does anyone make TGC thick and whats it like?

Definitely Thai! It’s one of my favs. Just add less water to make less runny.

works great if you make it with a little less water and use it in wraps with some crunchy veggies to compensate for the texture or making with more water and blending it into a soup with some coconut cream (only use a blender thats capable of using warm/hot liquids)


Thai Green Curry is delicious! It doesn’t beat Mexican Chilli for me, but it’s still up there. Go with 150ml of water and two scoops and see how you get along.

@Phil_C those pictures are so good. Did you try to draw a symbol or character with the cream?

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no such forethought sadly - just a decorative swirl :slight_smile:

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