Toilet trips and farts - problem solved

Hi guys! I’ve been eating mainly Huel for the last few weeks (only Huel + supplements as for now) and recently the embarrassing toilet problems mentioned by many of you started to take place. Like going to the bathroom 3 times per hour, rotten egg farts, etc. I couldn’t find any solution to this problem on this forum and after a few days I figured out that, theoretically, cocoa is constipating to some people. I started to add between 5 to 10 grams of raw cocoa powder to my Huel shakes and… it worked a treat. The problem’s solved, no more toilet trips, no more farts, no more diarrhea-like motion.

As to the smell of the farts, limiting the protein in my diet helped. As long as I don’t exceed the recommended daily intake of protein, everything’s fine.

Hope it helps


Maybe this is why I never got any problems when I started Huel. I add cacao to every shake without fail


I never knew that


I’m full of surprises me

and full of poop if OP is correct…although gastroenteritis may have sorted it for now.


I may be full of shit, but certainly not poop.
After 12 days of bacterial gastroenteritis my colon is empty as a black hole.
On a normal day I’m regular as clockwork though.