Too many berry bags (unopened) for sale

Hi All,

As per the title, I have amassed a collection of Huel Berry. I loved the flavour but it does not agree with me. I have not had Huel for a while however my subscription was still ongoing. I had thought I changed the preferences back to vanilla but this did not clearly save and now that I am restarting Huel I am faced with a berry flavour that is now sadly no longer to my taste.

I am based in London and can meet in person to hand over. The bags with expiration dates are as follows:

4 bags (11/19)
3 bags (12/19)
6 bags (01/20)
3 bags (02/20)

I am open to offers and can also post if needed.

Wow that’s a lot of bags of Berry!
Hopefully someone will swap or buy (not me sorry!)
Have you tried returning them?
Huel do accept returns / exchanges within a certain time frame. As you have so many, it might be worth sending them back for a different flavour. If you’re in the UK myHermes seems to be the cheapest courier

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Many thanks for the info. Didn’t know you could swap them, will contact the team and see if I can swap some of them at least

Here’s their refund policy in full:


hi how much is a bag with shipping please

Hi. It depends on where I’ll be shipping to. If you can give me the location I’ll be able to give you a price.

Many thanks

Hi All,

Some bags have been sold. The remainder are as follows:

3 bags (11/19)
6 bags (01/20)
3 bags (02/20)

I am open to all offers.

Hi, I’m Paul in Lockerbie, Scotland, and I’d be happy to buy the 3 bags of berry flavour (11/19) off you. How’s £15 a bag sound, plus postage cost?
email is

Is it possible to just buy one bag off you please? I’m new to Huel so just wanted to try it and see how it works.

I’m in London too so can pick this up somewhere in central London if this works for you. Thanks

Sorry for the late reply. Sounds fantastic. Will send you details via email.

Hi All,

Half the bags have been sold. The remainder with expiry dates are as follows:

5 bags (01/20)
3 bags (02/20)

I am open to all offers and can post if necessary. I am also open to swaps with Vanilla / Banana flavours.

Thanks, received my bags today.

@David how have you missed this??

What kind of monster tells me I’ve missed this?

The Berry monster

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Go on @David go for it you know you want them


@Ian42 shall we go halves and buy them for the him?


I mean, if I was more altruistic I would take them and decommission them safely, but I’m too skint for that kind of humanitarian endeavour.

Not for me, for mankind.


@Huek if you don’t manage to sell them last bags of berry would you consider donating them to @David as he loves the stuff but is skint


Hi. I currently have offers for the bags however l do have a bag expiring 11/19 that was meant to go to a friend. They are unable to get it in time therefore @David has the first right of refusal. If he can’t get it I would donate to anyone who can pick it up from London or pay for postage as I would hate for it to go to waste.