Too porridge like, feel nauseas

Started Huel today. Wanting to use it to replace my main meals for weight loss. There is one problem. I have a very sensitive stomach, suffer from IBS and a lot of foods can instantly cause my stomach to become upset and I can feel severely nauseas.

Porride was one of those meals that I simply just can’t stomach it always made me severely nauseas and unfortunately Huel is giving me bad memories due to the taste.

I have just ordered a flavour from the Huel store so I will try this, is this the only option?

I added more water which made it a lovely silky texture… The flavours certainly work but are very sweet so not to my taste. V2.2 is thicker by popular demand it would seem but if you are not keen it is easily combated by adding more water. :wink:

Using a blender or nutribullet type mixer will result in a smoother consistency. I find it rather like a McDonald’s milkshake.

Stick with it; it took me a couple of weeks to get used to the taste and the texture - but now I love it. I also have IBS and sometimes eating any food causes major problems but I’ve had no issues with Huel at all.

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