Training Goals

Something a little different, I am thinking that most people here have Goals even it’s just maintaining. I’d like to hear them please.

For me I have just smashed my target weight but still have a bit to go for body fat. I lost a lot of muscle mass in lockdown and I am trying to get back near to where I was.

My other goal is to Run a sub 20 minute 5km. I have recently boshed 21:27 as a new PB from 21:39 (set early 2020) so it’s coming down nicely.


Whayyyy this is the kind of post that spices things up!

Coming out of lockdown after so long without gym my goals are sadly back to what they were a year or so ago. Lost all care for bodyfat (no holidays this year so no beaches boi!!) so am piling in the calories.

Goals are:

4 plate deadlift (180kg)
3 plate squat (140kg)
2 plate bench (100kg)
1 plate overhead press (60kg)

Coming out of lockdown I was at:

125kg, 100kg, 60kg, 40kg.

After being back at it a month I’m back to:

170kg, 160kg (as of this morning, PB!!), 85kg, 55kg

Closing in quickly but bench is holding me back something shocking. Have also picked up kayaking for cardio so aiming to be able to kayak ~5km or so within a couple of months. :grin:


:astonished: hurts just thinking about that weight


My training goal is simply to get fitter. I used to be a very, very long time ago, and then threw it all by the wayside. Started again a couple of years ago, and my stamina has increased (running for a train in the pre-covid days no longer had me feeling like I was dying), but not as much as I’d like. I learnt to ride a bike last year, and nervous as I am, now the weather is getting better I’m looking forward to getting out on it again. My current longest ride is a 5 mile round trip (don’t laugh!) but I’d love to build up to longer distances as my confidence increases, and stamina too.

I’ve also just signed up to a gym membership, and it’ll be nice to have access to treadmills etc. when the weather is rubbish. I don’t think that even with practice I’d hit a quarter of @GTIPuG’s goals though :rofl:

I’d like to lose weight, but not enough that I actually try much :woman_shrugging:t2: It has been a by-product of my currently stalled fitness aims though, so that’s something!


I have been training at my local Crossfit gym for the past 4 years.

Initially I started because I wanted to get fit again, having had a 10 year break from training.
I stayed because I love it so much, and now try and train 5 days a week.

I am 49 year old, so maintaining a decent level of intensity means focusing as much on what I do out of the gym as what I do in it. Really this means; sleeping well, making time for mobility work and eating right.

I use Huel (White U&U) for breakfast and lunch on training days, and Black for rest days.

For the past few months I have been running at excess calories to gain lean weight. I have about 3kg left to gain.

Haha sounds like a lot but I’ve been doing it for a long time and am 80kg myself so not a wee little thing! It should be higher if anything! :joy:

I train with a guy every now and again who can pull a 260kg (6 plates) deadlift!

Anyone can do anything they put their mind to :grin::muscle:


I can do 5k a lot quicker than a couple of months! :rofl:


I’m happy with 150kg thanks :sweat_smile:

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My original goals were a little different. I was under 110lbs when I started Huel, and at a height of 5’7 my goal was just to put some weight on and be a better weight for my height. Huel really helped with this as it’s so much easier to consume calories for me! Now that my weight is way better (around 125lb) I feel much better in myself and my goal is just to get fitter and build more stamina. I’ve been working out for the first time in ever and I don’t really have any goals other than to tone up a bit.

I also have narcolepsy and have been trying to get it more under control with exercise and better meal schedules!

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