Traveling long haul and vitimins in huel

Hi guys,

kind of hitting 2 topics here so apologies but i cant find either in the threads.
i am about to start using Huel and i think with my lifestyle it will be very helpful to me. I do alot of long haul travel for work so the first thing i am worried about is avoiding airport and airplane food, travel days are days where i sit about lounges and eat alot of calories so would be ace if i could do them almost 100% Huel, does anyone else experience this, and has it been an easy transition?
the other thing I wonder about is the vitimins in Huel, i am happy using the multivitimin that I currently use, can I continue using it or would I be advised to stop while taking Huel?

Hi elbob,

Can’t really comment on the travelling section :frowning:

However, i don’t think it would be the greatest idea ever to have all the vitamins from Huel + MultiVitamins.

A quick google brings me to this post by WebMD

And i think i remember from an episode of Doc Martin that Vitamin D excess can cause kidney stones - Although this seems to be a highly debated statement on the google machine!

Hope some of this helps,