Two Cup (7x and 8x) with my Huel Hot & Savory

Hey there,

I received yesterday my boxes and with my Huel Hot & Savory I see two transparent Plastic Cup

One show 7x
The other one show 8x

I understand there is a very small size difference between both, but it’s not clear.
Can you please tell me more about the difference between these two cup ?

the X numbers are nothing to do with the scoop capacity - as the manufacturer only makes two options of that sized scoop - long or short handle. This is a part ID (probably from the injection mould itself) - these usually appear as a clock face on larger moldings. The ones I have for instance are X 5 and X 6.

Ok, so I just have two identical scoops, thanks for the confirmation :))

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Can you post a picture, Romaine? I want to know what you mean now!

its stamped into the base of the scoop @Tim_Huel below the manufacturers website

Does this classify as scoopgate 847?

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Please no.

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mould envy?