Type 1 diabetes


I am a type 1 diabetic, and have just been diagnosed with celiac disease. Can anyone please advise if Huel (Gluten free) is a safe diet option for insulin dependants?


Note: I’m totally not an expert on this.

I would think gluten free Huel is ideal for your situation. It contains almost no sugar, has an extremely low glycemic index and contains no gluten, which is exactly what you want when diabetic and with celiac disease.

Thanks, that was my thoughts, I could drastically reduce the amount and regularity of injections with this. Well, Ive ordered a sample pouch, I just hope I like it. I’m thinking not, as I am fast discovering the reason as to why gluten is in everything…Everything without it tastes awful!!

Hi @Phil_Riley - Gluten-Free Huel will be a great choice for you and, with the appropriate insulin regimen, could help your diabetes control.

Does gluten free Huel taste differently to regular Huel? I assumed they’d taste identical since the ingredients used are basically the same aside from the use of gluten free oats, which I wouldn’t have thought would taste different.

Hi, they both taste exactly the same! hope that helps!