Um.... frequency and ease 🙄

I have recently found my ‘movements’, as I believe we like to delicately refer to shits in polite company, have been less forthcoming and firmer in nature. I was wondering if this change was related to changes in huel 3.0 or just my body being a total nobber as per. Thoughts and experiences?

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It happens to me if I don’t drink enough water (which is counterintuitive when Huel is a liquid, but it has so much fibre you really need that extra water). I haven’t noticed any difference since moving to v3.

Yes I’m a long term heuler, just had these changes recently. I am VERY delicate so prepared to accept it is a me thing, just checking

I would second what David has said. That fibre in Huel acts like a sponge. You’ll experience firmer stools too particularly if you haven’t been eating a high fibre diet before (which is very common in a western diet). Up your water intake and check back in with us.

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After a couple months hueling and normalcy achieved. I am suddenly on 36 hours of no action. I’m slightly afraid. More water.

Thanks @Tim_Huel but I haven’t altered how much huel or liquid I’m consuming so don’t think it is that. If no one else has experienced a change moving from 2.3 to 3.0 it is likely to be some other reason, I have some medical challenges. It’s a process of elimination.

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Made me smile :grin:


Ha! Unintentionally hilarious :rofl:

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I am a few days in - back on the horse - and I’m going twice as often. Not loose, but the gas is a nice propellant. The gas is better than v2.3 was for me (using Black Edition Vanilla now). I do drink a lot of water throughout the day though. Probably two liters or more. Hopefully the gas thing goes away soon. It makes working in the office an exercise in clandestine activity.