Under Target Weight

From January I set a goal to get down from 86Kg down to 78KG and body fat to 14% using healthy foods (Inc. Huel) running and strength training. Granted I have only got back to the gym so my Body Fat is hovering around 14.6% (a drop of 2.5%) however, my weight has dropped to fat the other way and now I am sitting around 74/75kg which is fine but I don’t want to drop any more.

I guess my question is, should I up my Huel intake and split my lunch up and have a H&S and Shake to gain and/or stop me dropping further.

I am actually pretty shocked as I have just come back from 10 days off where I drank and ate bad food for the entire time! Although I did do 6 runs including 2 Half Marathons both together with an incline higher than Snowdon.

Hey Martyn, congrats on smashing your goal!

As you want to gain weight but continue to drop your body fat you want to gain muscle. We have a great article to help you on this.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks Dan, will take a read

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Great work!

I’m on a similar journey. I got down to 69kg last year (I’m 5ft 9), and am now heading for 75kg of lean weight (currently at 72kgs).

My three tips:

  1. Set some target marcos.
    I aim for 2500 kcal on training days and 1800 on rest days. With 165kg of protein for both.

  2. Get some smart scales.
    I have these: Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Scale - Body | Withings

But anything that will provide data on trends over time will do the job. Although there is no reason you can’t use standard scales and just enter the data in a google sheet etc.

I then weigh myself at the same time every day. I don’t pay any attention to the daily number but track weekly/monthly trends. I can then use this to fine tune my cals.

  1. Take is slow and steady and don’t worry too much on the day to day.
    Think in weeks and months. I have huel for breakfast and lunch for all meals, and then a standard meals in the evening. But I don’t really worry too much about measuring marcos for standard meals unless I see an unwanted trend on the scales or in training :wink:
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Thanks I’ve already done 1&2.

As you said I need to eat more slowly and make sure its lean.

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Of course since muscle weighs more than flab, you will find that improving your muscles will start to increase your weight healthily!

Keep up the good work and concentrate on toning up! You should lose size as you gain weight: don’t fret!


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