Unfair Pricing for Sweden 📍(new pricing structure in the works)


Thank you Tim I sincerely appreciate that bud


Hi @Squizzle - please bear with us. If you need an update form me, please PM me here or email me.


Just placed my first order and then found this thread. Did some calculations on the gluten free version. A bit let down that this hasn’t been fixed yet. Perhaps a way to squeeze some more cash out of us Swedes for as long as possible? Anyways, glad I only ordered 2 bags so I didn’t get hustled :slight_smile:


Yeah I dunno. I’ve lost conseraible amounts of money because of this. I have little hope there will be retroactive correction for us who has been paying 8-15% more than everyone else…
I just wish they could hurry up by now, I ran out of patience aa I keep having to rely on Huel but also overpaying and as a poor student it’s just that much more annoying. It shouldnt take 6+ months to correct something like this, it has hurted the trust in Huel, sorry but it’s true. Make it right, please.


With all due respect, you haven’t “lost” money over this. You’ve experienced opportunity cost, admittedly, but you haven’t “lost” anything because of it.

The economics of Huel in Sweden vs UK are completely different in the same way I don’t moan at Amazon US for selling Intel i7s for $300 when I pay £300.

Huel don’t owe you an equal exchange rate, nor do they owe you a comparable price to what any other country gets. That’s just how it is. That’s just economics.

Expecting any kind of retrospective pricing is almost certainly out of the question and stinks of privilege.

You’re free at any point to stick to your “poor student” budget and stop buying a luxury all in one from abroad, perhaps opting for fresh veg and local meat. Casseroles etc.

Not trying to be a duck at all, but this thread seems to be full of unfair expectations and accusations.

Edit: :duck: typo can stay