UPS Driver and 30 Day Huel

Hey all.

I’d like to get some info on how I can make the best of Huel for 30 days and possibly carry on after that. Im currently a UPS driver so im not without exercise monday through friday. The weekends I love to mountain bike or just do activities with my wife and boy.
Ive read some posts and see some great information. I still need to know, where is the calculator to make this work for me? lol
Between my watch and phone I average 17-23k steps and roughly 30-45 floors a day. I should be thin af, i know. But for me it isnt like that. I have issues with the gut that likes everything and portion size has been null to me. I have 4 bags of Huel that I have not used yet. I think it is time to put them to good use.
I keep charts of all my activity throughout the week and weekend.
Current Stats:
40 years
5’8’ Large Frame
Goal, 190.
Everything says Im obese but, if I was 170lbs, i would not look healthy at all. lol

I appreciate anyones input or help.

Man in Brown

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Man in Brown - love that!

Great to have you on the team, we’re so proud to be fuelling the hardest working people around! Best place to go is This will walk you through how to use Huel for weight loss and link you to a calorie calculator. There is also an Unofficial Huel Calorie Calculator that a lovely Hueler made off their own back which is actually quite useful. I believe someone made a similar app on apple store too.

Hope this helps!

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