Urgent info needed. Huel vs milkshake

Does Huel make a good vegan substitute for milkshake to chuck at Nazis?

I am not too fussed about the taste, but think I’d use chocolate premix, so what’s the best water to Huel ratio to adhere best to hair, face and clothes. Also, do I throw it with or without the shaker lid on?

Failing that, where is the best place to buy house bricks.

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It’s wrong to throw milkshakes at people. I confess to being glad Farage was hit though. Guess I contain multitudes.

Will these plastic waste blocks do

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I did wonder what on earth you were going on about John but I’ve just watched the clip on youtube and I agree with Nigel, it was a complete failure and everyone else saw it a mile off, yet somehow his security team completely missed a bloke standing with a milkshake opening the lid for ages.

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I can’t help but think when it comes to Farage, focussing on milkshakes shows a lack of thought about the most appropriate dairy product. The man is quite clearly a better target for cheese. The mouldier and stinkier the better.
Anyone who has a photo taken holding a mug with a picture of Thatcher on whilst claiming to be the last true heir to her legacy clearly has such an underdeveloped sense of irony that there can only be one dairy based protest that fits the bill.

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To be fair you could just hand the shaker to him, tell him it has beer in and then watch him poke himself in the eye repeatedly as he fails to drink from it whilst holding the cap at the right angle…

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I’d lke to toss my vegan yogurt over him I guess. @coup can watch it on pornhub…i mean youtube.

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Ahhhh we’re back to calling people we disagree with Nazis.

Never change, liberal left.

I’m not a liberal nor a leftie…which is what rhe nazis always call the people they disagree with. Hmm. So Tommy Robinson Yaksmilk isnt a nazi then? What do you think he is?

To be fair i wasnt gonna put nazi but cnut…just thought Tim might not like it.

Simple question - Are either of them members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party?

For Robinson I’d probably opt for what you initially wanted to opt for…

Nope, but language changes. If you could be bothered you could look it up in the Oxford English Dictionary.
1.1 derogatory A person with extreme racist or authoritarian views.

If the cap fits.

Official definition for the word “farage” (pronounced to rhythm with garage): noun- the liquid found at the bottom of a bin.

Damn you @hunzas I just googled ‘dictionary definition of farage’ to discover it doesn’t actually mean bin-juice. I am proper disappointed


Now you’ve spoiled my fun.

Imagine if Huel could bring world peace?

This one made me chuckle, slush puppies are vegan right? Excuse the T-bomb kids.


Haha excellent

All of this chucking milkshakes at nazis/Cnuts is getting whey out of hand.


Hey Guys,

Gonna lock this thread down now - super off topic for this forum!