Using Huel to bulk for 3 months


I am 21 y.o., 192 cm, 76.5 kg placement student in UK. I have been using HUEL for about 3 months now and I really like it. HUEL shakes are especially convenient when bulking and working at the same time. Bringing full (1k+ kcal) meals to work is tiring and could be not as tasty due to necessity of batch-cooking during weekends and having to microwave food at the workplace. Bringing HUEL, however, solves both of these problems. Everyday in the morning, I make two 500 kcal shakes, sometimes adding a bit of coconut oil to increase the amount of fat consumed and since the middle of July I have been eating 3.3k kcal per day. I have managed to gain 8.5 kg of weight in like 3 months, so HUEL is definitely effective.

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Good point, I’ll keep it in mind to make these posts more useful. I didn’t want to make a complaint, just wanted to share my 3 month experience and raise awareness.

Thanks for reply.

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I’m guessing it’s much more likely the plastic thread got hooked to your sleeve from your counter / elsewhere in your home and dropped accidentally into your shake when you were making it.
It’s very unlikely to have been inside the Huel or the coconut oil.
Or it could’ve flown into the empty shaker when you were cutting it off your socks.
Or maybe you used the same scissors to cut the thread as you used to cut open your pouch of Huel.

I know the plastic threads you mean - having bought many pairs of socks recently, I know the pesky things have a habit of getting everywhere

Maybe, if the main purpose of your post is to log your bulking experience, the title shouldn’t really focus on your bit of plastic…