v1.2 - New Version of Vanilla Seems Off

Understandable. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I can notice the taste change but it seems fine. 1.2 seems less lumpy when shaken by hand which I really like.

Just to add to the opinions, I have 2058, and I don’t have a problem with it. Though I can’t compare it with earlier as I had a batch of unsweetened in between.

Hi @Julian just echoing what others have said, batch 2058 is my first ever Huel and at first I thought I had been sent the unsweetened version by mistake. I got a whiff of vanilla when I opened the bag but completely undetectable to taste. Doesn’t taste rancid or off in any way, just, well, unsweetened! Glad others have had the same issue and that it should be rectified, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get on with the taste of it - I’ve read people raving about the vanilla taste and it was nothing like I was expecting!

I, too, have batch 2058 and it’s delicious. It’s my first Huel, so I can’t compare with earlier batches, though. It certainly doesn’t taste unsweetened, though.

Seems like maybe not all of batch 2058 is the same. The plot thickens…

To me it sounds like everyone’s perception of sweetness differs… Surprise!

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A new batch of vanilla Huel has been blended, I’ve tasted it’s and it back to the good old Huel. This will be delivered in the next few days.

I, too, got the different-tasting vanilla Huel (2058) and have been drinking it these past couple of days. The taste reminds me a bit of Jaffa Cakes–with their characteristic orange-y tanginess–although I haven’t had any for years and years, so my comparison may be off. I don’t mind it at all. The vanilla flavour is hidden under said tanginess, though, compared to 1.1 vanilla Huel.

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I received vanilla pouches v1.2 batch 2058 on Tuesday and have just sampled my first huel. Sadly I couldn’t finish the drink. It tasted fake,like it contained some very sweet chemical (and I love sweet things) My instinct was to pour it away. It left a really bad taste in my mouth,which remained all evening even after gargling with mouth wash. Can you let me know how I can replace them with maybe the unflavored huel or a refund.
Look forward to hearing from you

Hi all. I have been coming on the forum for a look as a guest and also on the website. The flavour issues do seem though a bit off putting at the minute as I was going to put my very first order in ready for January as a new start. I was initially looking at starting with the sweetened too.

Yes you can please contact us team@huel.com

@Simon.rotherham we are not longer selling batch 2058, the stock has been exhausted. The new stock which is available now is using the new batches of the flaxseed and rice which we have been assured are from the exact same original source we have used in the past. We have taste tested the new batch and it is the same of the same as the original version 1.1 Huel in terms of taste.

But just to be clear the taste difference between 2058 was minimal. Of the four people in Huel HQ, two preferred the taste of the previous version and two preferred the taste of batch 2058. But all said that wasn’t much in it. We put the taste difference down to natural variants because it’s been grown in a different location. However, we understand that a consistent taste is preferable and therefore we halted production and restocked with the original rice and flaxseed.

Not impressed. Have just contacted your team regarding replacing my two pouches of batch 2058 with unsweetened huel and was told that only unopened pouches can be replaced. So once I pay out for postage £5, I’m paying £50 for one pouch of huel.
I would understand if it was a matter of taste but if its a dodgy batch I should at least have both of the pouches replaced?!

That sounds like crap customer service. How would you know what it’s like without opening the pouch? Judging by how some others described that particular batch, for some people it was more than just a slight difference in taste. And presumably even if you’d ordered a sample pouch first, that could’ve come from a different batch.

Just want to say that I’m another who has a pouch from batch 2058 and the taste is fine to me. I’m pleased though that you are making efforts to ensure the taste remains consistent.

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Just to be clear this is not “crap customer service”, we responded quickly and offered a free exchange for unopened pouch, which is consistent with our terms and condition and what we have offered other customers. Batch 2058 wasn’t “dodgy”, it was just different to other batches. Huel is mostly a natural product so natural variances do occur. I have personally used batch 2058 and it’s slightly different but the difference is minimal. Taste is a very personal and we can’t give free refunds / exchanges for pouches that have been opened (which we would have to throw away) just because of personal taste.

We have sold thousands of pouches of 2058 and have had a handful of complaints. Even in the thread above there are some that like it and some that don’t.

I’ve just done a quick scan and this is the results:

  • Don’t like it = 5 people

  • Liked it = 4 people

  • Don’t notice a difference = 4 people

Here are some of the positive comments:

It tastes great (I’m almost through my 2nd bag already). Nothing wrong with it.

I, too, have batch 2058 and it’s delicious.

So clearly it’s just a matter of people of different taste perception, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the product. So offering a free exchange is appropriate.


I’m still on batch 2058 and it’s fine. I originally noticed a difference in taste, but nothing bad enough to consider undrinkable or worthy of a refund. I think I must have got used to it now, and can’t detect any problem with it now. Of course, it could have just been 1 or 2 bags that were different. Difficult to say really.

But I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect a refund for an opened bag. I bought 2 bags of unflavoured a while back and I wasn’t particularly impressed, but it never crossed my mind to ask for a refund. I just mixed it with some vanilla and some strawberry flavouring and it was fine.

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I thought I was going crazy but I have been experiencing the exact same thing with a 2058 batch. What’s the score?

Best to read this - v1.2 - New Version of Vanilla Seems Off