V3 bit of a mixed bag

Currently working through a sack of chocolate and a sack of vanilla. The chocolate is definitely an improvement, much creamier taste, almost like mixing 2.3 with milk. Vanilla has been disappointing, no combination so far has given me the same consistency as 2.3. It’s too thin.

To prepare: 2.5~ new scoops and 550-600ml cold water, left in fridge overnight.

I’ve tried with less water and originally, 2 level scoops. If you have 2.3 in source control, can we roll back the vanilla?

I’ve got Vanilla and Chocolate too. My findings are… the opposite of yours. :smiley: Vanilla is nicer than it used to be, and Chocolate is a bit more sickly.

I love the chocolate one. As for the vanilla. I think it’s fine, but not as nice as the chocolate.