Vanilla Huel Tastes of Berry - No Response from Customer Services [Solved]


If you need any recipes, let me know, happy to help. :smiley: also, it may be easier to add more plant based meals than to cut the rest, then it’s not feeling like restricting yourself. :slight_smile:


There’s a vegan restaurant near me in London and most of the dishes contain some sort of meat substitute, e.g. Quorn, soya, fake pork made from jackfruit… like why??? Just serve nice simple vegan stuff that’s not supposed to imitate meat? What’s wrong with veg etc?


Nothing wrong with veggies, love them! But also nothing wrong with meat substitutes. I’m not a vegan because I don’t like meat (KFC hot wings :heart:), but for ethical reasons. I like to have a choice. :slight_smile: I don’t understand why substitutes would annoy some people.


It just feels like a weird obsession for some places! I’m not annoyed :slight_smile: I suppose as non-vegan, I go to vegan restaurants to try something new, not a burger that tastes so close to the “real” thing it might as well be the real thing


Why do meat eaters make their food look like its not anmals and mask taste with veggies/greens… :stuck_out_tongue:


Meat replacements can really help people for whom animal protein is the main focus at every meal but who would like to try eating more veggie/vegan.


Make sense. All in all, variety of options is the key. :wink:

Btw, there should be Hummus Flavor Booster so we can make U/U really thick and add some. :laughing:


Can’t disagree with that :grin: