Very Impressed!

I started Huel in 2016, and lost quite a bit of weight before putting it back on again when I stopped taking it. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with it.

I moved to the Falkland Islands, the British Overseas Territory off the coast of South America a year ago. Having struggled with the lack of fresh fruit and veg here due to an Argentine blockage of goods, I’ve again maintained a higher weight than I would like. Thankfully I remembered Huel, and just had to get some to me. I’ve just shipped 16x bags down to me, arriving a week ago after the 8000 mile journey on a boat.

I have to say, I’m extremely impressed. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that it tastes so much better with water this time around. In 2016 I always had to use milk. However I think it tastes great with just waster.

I’m just gutted I didn’t order some flavour pouches, as they weren’t available from what I recall back in 2016.


This is so great to hear Liam! Welcome back to the community :grinning:

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