Vitamin D & B12



Please increase the amount of those two nutrients. I do not find it to be enough.
Many Vitamin D supplements contain 3000 Units. And many B12 supplements up to 40 000 ųg. I believe these needs to be upped


Please do not be offended by the reply Squizzle…

But I think you ‘believing’ certain ingredients ‘should be upped’ isnt going to change Huel’s manufacturing or ratios of ingredients.
From what I’ve read (and I may be wrong) Huel spend a great deal of money in R&D, spend a LOT of time taste testing and have medical science backing up their ingredient how much and why it’s in there.
So although you have posted ‘your’ belief on this forum you probably are not going to get your wish …
Sorry that I had to be the one to break the news to you !


Huel is a daily food and is designed as such. Huel already contains 3x the amount of vitamin D as required by the EU NRV.

Huel is not a supplement. Supplements can contain massively more of a certain ingredient and if Huel’s profile was designed on supplement quantities it would be all over the place.

Bottom line is if you want more of a certain ingredient then you will have to buy it as a supplement.


True in this case probably but it is worth pointing out that there are also examples on this forum of Huel being open to new research & James in particular seems always interested in understanding his own product better. If someone who would like to use it has real issues, say due to a health problem that James isn’t familiar with or there’s some component in Huel whose level is of significance to certain users but has never been measured before, Huel will go out of their way to help if they can.

So if you have a good request & a very good reason, present your case & you will be listened to. That’s more than you’ll get from most commercial organisations. I’ve only ever seen this in academic & collaborative open source communities before, hence the reason Huel impress me.


I’d second this - I had a specific query (about nickel and a health issue) and I was overwhelmed by how responsive Huel have been. Really impressive


Although very low amounts, it’s good that Huel has both D2 and D3 (and vegan D3 at that, which is excellent). However, the B12 in Huel is the inferior cyanocobalamin, and not the superior (and bioidentical) methylcobalamin. I don’t understand why Huel doesn’t use methylcobalamin, when Huel uses methylfolate instead of folic acid; methylated B vitamins is the way to go, as they’re both bioidentical to the B vitamins in food, they have superior bioavailability, and they don’t pose any problems for those with mutations on the MTHFR gene.


Why not just take more vitamin D in a supplement? Not everyone wants crazy doses