Volume of 1.71KG Bag In Litres

Does anyone know how many litres 1 bag is so I can buy a glass jar to keep it in?

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I’ve bought a 4.4liter box an it fits very easy… 4l would be enough i guess. in this thread i posted a pic:Box for Huel

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Thanks @Stolen - was that a full bag in your photo? Looks like room to spare so hopefully this 3.5l jar will work?


Actually that one’s out of stock locally so maybe this one:


No, unfortunatly it wasn’t a full bag. 3.5l can be enough, but i would HIGHLY recommend a container which has a wider opening, since it is far easier to scoop the powder out of it.
Edit: The second one seems a bit better… but i’m not completly sure if 3.5l is large enough. Hard to guess :wink:

Need @Julian or @JamesCollier help! Got a 3.9l here:


With today’s announcement that the bag sizes are halving, I assume a container this large will not be necessary.

Do you have a link to this please?

Not a link, but this is word for word the email I received today:
Hi Hueler,

We just thought we’d send you an update on what’s been going on…

New Pouch Size
We are switching to a new pouch size, which will be half the size of the original pouch. We had to do this because of problems with the supplier, but we had also received feedback that the pouch size was too big for some customers. The new size means that each pouch will contain 3500 calories of Huel, instead of 7000 calories. Therefore, you will get double the amount of pouches in your order, but the same amount of calories. You can order your Huel as per normal, choosing 1 week, 2 week or 4 week options. We would love your feedback on the new pouches.

Unflavoured Samples Available Soon
The new 100g unflavoured samples should be available to order from our website by the end of this week. We would definitely recommend trying the unflavoured version before going for a full week’s worth, as the flavour is quite chalky and earthy, and is not to everyone’s taste. Having said that, our delicious flavour systems (Toffee, Mocha, Rhubarb & Custard and Strawberry) can be bought alongside the unflavoured version: http://huel.com/collections/other-huel-products/products/natural-flavour-and-sweetener-pouches.

Weird, I’m a Huel customer and I didn’t receive that email.

I think you need to subscribe to the monthly newsletter!

@hunzas Good tip, I just subscribed.

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I got a 3.5 litre Tupperware type thing, it’s a tight fit for the full bag but works :slight_smile:

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Just to confirm the 3.5l Ikea DROPPAR jar is the perfect size for the 1.71KG bag - great timing now they’ve been discontinued :wink:


Looks good, Nath - you will be able to fit 2 of the newer bags in!

Can confirm the 4000ml myprotein tub here fits 1.71kg of Huel, so one ‘old’ bag or two new bags.

I keep one at home and one at work, perfect.

So, has anyone got any thoughts on a jar for the flavour pouches? :wink: