Water Filters, Apocalypse Huel, Zombies - this thread has it all


So we can’t be accused of getting off topic:

  1. The Berkefeld filter is proving itself very useful in regards to filtering dubious liquids to enable on-going consumption of Huel in a tap-water shortage

  2. In the event of water being completely unavailable and Coke being the only liquid to hand, it does actually work surprisingly well with Huel if you are sufficiently hungry and desperate. I might even have it again, on another day. It sort of reminds me of those ice cream Coke floats you used to get in the 1980s


Bear Grylls drinks his urine so why not try some mixed in Huel :smiley: you might need to chill though


You could have just edited the first post you flump


I know but messed it up, falling asleep lol


You are as subtle as an earthquake


Yes I am :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Yep, I kinda assumed


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No Android, first time it’s happened, my connection is fine on 4G


This is the best thread on the forum


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I was just about to say Welcome to the funversation @RyanT and I got the following message pop up telling me off:

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Are you sure you’re providing adequate time for other people to share their points of view, too?

Edit: Sorry everybody that I am hogging this thread - however I blame this entirely on @Coup who changed the title thread to make it my Apocalypse Diary. And how can it be my Apocalypse Diary, if I don’t keep posting updates???


Please, allow me


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If I’m allowed to paste three in a row…

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Usually where chilling in the Lounge on the big couch at this time of night lol


Yeah, what happened to our private lounge meet-up? I was enjoying that huge sofa and the pretty lights. @RyanT when you reach ‘Regular’ status you’ll have to come join us in the lounge. It was literally the most boring place in the forum, until I got invited. Then @coup bought us a sofa with awesome blue lights, @hunzas brought his usual wit, @Ian42 brought a wierd smell, and the party started! @Bee very sensibly took a look through the door and hastily went back to her tv.
Oh and @Africorn also brought his twin - that caused a lot of confusion. Turned out to be Ian’s fault. As per usual.


Hmm I’ve been around for a while and tend to comment a fair bit… I will go for week- or month-long stints without visiting though so maybe I have lost any hope of earning a badge of honour


I don’t really understand how the discourse decides who earns which badges…
I only joined two months ago and have been granted ‘regular’ already. I have been active pretty much every day. But I don’t always comment much (unlike today lol).
Maybe it’s to do with how much time you spend reading posts or something.
I did see you’ve been on here way longer than me, and you’re pretty active too.
I also notice though, that ‘Regular’ badges come n go - you don’t get to keep it indefinitely - I think maybe only the people that are on here the most get that badge, and if they go quiet for a bit or don’t log in for a couple weeks, they lose it again.
The lounge really isn’t that exciting.
When I went in there the other day there was like 3 posts there from the entire 3 years :rofl:
We did have a bit of banter for one evening and that was it.
TBH the main forum is way more interesting