Week 1 Check-In

Weighed in this morning to a loss of 3.2lbs.
This is after one week of 2 x 3 scoop shakes, one healthy meal (and occasional snack) each day, staying under 1500 calorie allowance.

Let’s get the gross bit out of the way:
Yes I’ve had quite a bit of wind.
Pooping is now a daily occurrence and is, like most reports, quite soft.
My pee smells like oats and despite not drinking as much as I should, I am peeing a lot.

I’ve found that I am not ravaging for food as often, I’m rarely hungry now. I’m just trying to adjust to not eating for the sake of it (a bad habit of mine.)

I have been trying the flavour sachets too. Banana, matcha and mocha are favourites.
I don’t rate rhubarb and custard, toffee and the pineapple and coconut flavours.

Looking forward to another week of Huel. I’m interested to see my weight-loss rate after I’ve shifted water weight.


Nicely done! Welcome, your body will need some time to adjust to Huel, give it time, it will get better. Keep it up!