Week 3

Hi everyone,

First post and it’s regarding that glorious subject of what’s coming out of me.

The politest way I can describe the situation is radiator water, murky brown, radiator water.

I’ve been having 100g of Huel at 10am and again at 1pm and eating a normal dinner. However, around 8-9 every single night, radiator water. Considerable amounts of radiator water.

Has anyone else had such delightful symptoms for such a long time? I’m starting to get a little concerned. Previously my diet was fairly healthy, all preped and macro measured. I swapped to huel because my diet, while healthy wasn’t varied and I was missing a lot of micro nutrition. If it wasn’t in chicken, rice, brocoli and almonds I basically didn’t get it.

Anyone else?

Have you tried breaking Huel down into smaller portions? That worked for me.

I only had a day of “toilet issues” but my hubby is suffering… We are on day 5.