Weekend Huel break

After two weeks of exclusive Huel I decided to have two days off over the weekend to eat yummy food with friends.

I can only conclude it’s a bit like having annual leave and going on holiday. The build up was so exciting, the break was amazing…however the return to Huel almost made we wish i had not taken the break. It took a lot of will power.

The improvement in complexion, energy levels, sleep, concentration had been marked on exclusive Huel and changed even in the short break. I also forgot how hungry I got with my normal diet (could and should be much healthier but I’m being honest). But, my goodness, I miss those Christmas market treats and chewing! :christmas_tree::burrito::doughnut:

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Can’t you find a middle ground?
50% Huel, 50% other food?
Or is it too hard to stay disciplined and on track with the calories once you start munching?


I wanted a strong start to achieve some weight loss and then I hope to be able to achieve a happier balance. I am pretty results driven and find the exclusive Huel approach sets a healthy living mindset (so I go to the gym and walk more etc etc.)


I do the weekend break too although not completely - usually go for a good (healthy) breakfast at my favourite cafe and the rest of the meals either have Huel’s or sensible light meals before getting back on it. I don’t find it hard switching anymore and think it benefits my experience because of exercising self restraint - to a degree :slight_smile:

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I would echo Christina’s thoughts, I’ve never thought of Huel as this all or nothing product. It’s about convenience - I have Huel for breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, cook dinners during the week and on the weekend will have ad-hoc Huel when I need some convenience.


is that like ad-choc? Can I buy some?

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