Weight loss starts now


Happy new year all.

The dreaded post Christmas weigh in happened this morning…

13’13 delighted to still be in the 13’s.

This week has been mostly Huel during the day and still trying to restrict my eating hours to 13.00-20.00

In July we’re off to a wedding abroad with lots of friends si the pressure is on to shed 2 stone so I can take top without too much embaressment.

Also no Alcohol since New Year, will be trying to moderate this where possible.


Hi. Fell off the huel wagon recently and have started piling on the pounds. 7lbs in 2 months. Have given up the booze and fags so I’ve been snacking. (My excuse but I’m sticking to it) have gone up to almost 11st 4lb. Might not seem a lot but it’s getting me down. Was 10st earlier last year. People said I looked ill but I was happy with it (5ft 8) back to 2 Huel a day and no pub dinners :grinning:


This is something Ive heard of before. A friend of mine is pretty athletic normally, but last year made even more of an effort and was in the shape of his life, personal bests at different distances and so on.

Thing is, a few people made comments / asked questions about his health. All were along the same line i.e. are you ok…you look ill… Thing is when he looked at his BMI he was still clearly in the healthy section, plus he felt great!

He came to the conclusion that most people without realising it, will compare you to what they see in their day to day life. Since society as a whole has gotten heavier over the last decades, someone who would’ve looked slim but fit/healthy 20-30 years ago, now looks too skinny to many people :frowning_face:


I never thought of that. Of course. I suppose obesity was not as common when I was a child (40yrs ago)


Not updated for a while, mainly due to forgetting log in and just lurking since.

Anyway weighed in yesterday after a poor few weeks food wise and was happy with a 13’12.

Time to get back on it consistently and to the gym. 4 1/2 months until our friends wedding abroad!!

Typing that just made me nervous!!


Sorry fo the long absence, but going to start logging every few days again now!

Today’s weigh in 13.10

Lighter evenings now and my wife is keen to go for a few walks at night.

Food/Huel wise, I’m preparing 3x 100g drinks each night ready for the next day, tend to have 1st Huel between 11/1, 2nd around 3/4 3rd I have if I’m home around 5 or 6 and getting tempted to snack or if were having a late dinner.


Weigh in on Friday 13th April was 13’7.

Had a rubbish weekend foodwise and was 13’9 today, hopefully level off by this weekend.

I’m away on a Stag do this weekend so I’m dreading the scales next Tuesday


Pre stag do weigh in 13’8.