Weight of package

What is the weight of the package?

Does the best guess win a prize? At least tell us what’s inside it.


My bet: 7,47kg

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7kg sounds a lot to me! Does anyone have a packet out there that has the weight printed on the packet?

You need to tell us what type and flavour Huel you want to know the weight of. It varies :slight_smile:

Huel Powder v3.0 Vanilla

You guessed way too high, but yours was the only guess, so you win this speedboat!


Thanks David. Hope airiartev enjoys that boat…

Fake News!


Send it to this address

ATT: El enterrador
AVENIDA PUERTA DE HIERRO, (Palacio de la Moncloa) 28071 MADRID

I’ve got a bag right here, it says 1.7!

On it. Just looking for a large enough box.

who can you trust these days lol

How much does it weight?

The website says Vanilla is 1.71 and Chocolate is 1.74, but the packaging for both says 1.7.

CALL IT 1.8.

If you can guess, I’ll double your prize.

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The Prime Minister has probably got a few of these anyway. Don’t give him another…

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That’s really pushing the boat out. It’s like a shit new version of Bullseye.