What about all the other food?

Recently I was think that I’m actually kind of a hypocrite. When I first found Huel I analyzed it.

Is it healthy? What does it contain? How many vitamins? Is this what I’m feeling right now a side effect from the Huel?

Yet I do not tread my other meals the same way… If I sit on the couch with a bag of popcorn I don’t wonder: is this healthy or how will this effect me?

It simply never occurred to me but I might have to take a closer look to all the food I eat without thinking.

Just thought I share some of my thoughts… :slight_smile:


One thing I love of Huel is that I can sit on the couch watching Netflix and sipping it for dinner, knowing that it’s better than previous stuff I was binge-eating, like popcorn, icicles, biscuits or so on. :smiley:


The peace of mind when drinking Huel is refreshing. I know popcorn isn’t great for me, but I can relax with Huel and just let it give my body all it needs.

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I really don’t see myself sitting on the couch watching a movie and sipping Huel. For some reason I always need junkfood when watching something. It goes without thinking. So I wanna change that. I’m eating healthy all day with Huel and then ruin it in the evening. Perhaps I should try to make Huel flavoured popcorn :wink:

For me it’s not what I eat, but the fact that I don’t like to stay there watching a movie without having something to eat, at least in the first half an hour (or I would be 200Kg :smiley: ). But I hate having dinner on the couch, like eating like when I’m ill. So Huel is perfect. :slight_smile: