What do you snack on?

I love Huel but I also love eating. Correction, I love grazing and snacking…

I’m doing okay with weight loss but I am off work at the moment and don’t have the routine to keep me occupied until meal times. So my question is…

What do you guys eat as snacks?
I try and keep about 110kcal for snacks in a day. I’m soooo bored of grapes and celery. Rice cakes are okay but I’d like some alternative ideas.

I can’t eat any nuts so no yummy scoop of peanut butter for me :frowning: I can’t eat sesame seeds either so no hummus :frowning:

Any low calorie snack ideas (the more convenient the better!) much appreciated! X

Popcorn; tofu jerky; beetroot and sweet potato crisps; kale chips… All apart from popcorn made in my dehydrator. Popcorn in a saucepan with no oil.

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Olives, baby carrots, berries and fruits.

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Tofu jerky sounds amazing. That’s the kind of thing I’m after, something a bit chewy that will make me feel like I’m really eating. I don’t have a dehydrator but guessing I could go low and slow in the oven.

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goes to find the small tin of olives she has somewhere in the back of the cupboard, and forgotten about

Yes you can do it in an oven. I also make aubergine bacon…again slow and low will do it.

Here is a recipe for oven based: https://www.connoisseurusveg.com/spicy-sriracha-tofu-jerky/

Nice, thank you! Going to try aubergine bacon too!

Aubergine bacon??? Recipe please!

@op — hard boiled eggs/egg whites, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, berries, frozen banana, seaweed, popcorn

A Huel bar is 250 calories. I find half a bar, eaten slowly (I cut mine into little pieces) to be a satisfying snack, and I’m not left craving any more than that (or anything else.)


Here i an easy recipe and it really is delicious: https://minimalistbaker.com/crispy-eggplant-bacon/ I use a mandolin to make sure it is evenly sliced, and normally do 3 aubergine at once and store in an airtight container…it keeps for ages. It is better than I ever imagined.

I need to try coconut bacon one day. I’ve bought remade but not made it myself.


Definitely trying this! And let me know how coconut bacon turns out, that sounds delish.


The coconut bacon sounds good.