What is your BMI? And how much Huel do you have?

What is your BMI? And how much Huel do you consume (percent of overall nutrition)?

It would be very interesting to know whether using Huel is associated with a lower body weight.

im like probably 30-40% huel at any given time depending on if im bulking or not pretty average

BMI 23ish, Huel 60-70%ish

@mbs you tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine. I’m worried you are a Nigerian scammer and collating all this information. You’ll be asking CVC numbers and mother’s maiden names next.

Huel is just food. It follows the same calories consumed versus calories used principle as any other food. I’m short and have a sedentary lifestyle because of disability, so my usual calorie consumption of about 1800 per day (maybe 60 or 70% from Huel) would cause a taller, heavier built active person to lose weight, whereas it keeps mine steady (and, in tandem with the meds, my diabetes markers low).

For me the point of Huel is that it’s easily prepared food, but it’s the Carlsberg of food: perfectly balanced.


So if the White is Pilsner, is the Black Special Brew?


aah Special Brew. Sadly nevermore. :frowning: I had my allowance already.

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It’s nice with a couple of Buckie chasers, and MD20/20 for dessert.

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21.3 bmi about 15-20% huel
Calories consumed vs calories burned has to do with overall body weight

never heard of MD20/20. miss out on so much not drinking. iI’s true what they say - being sober doesn’t make you live any longer, it just feels that way.

You don’t really need it in your life https://www.md2020wine.com/

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Thanks for the link hunzas, I’d only wiki’d it: “In the Central Belt of Scotland it is a very popular beverage, usually drank from the bottle and often associated with anti social behaviour.”
Sounds absolutely ideal.

They call Buckfast Ned Juice. I was in Glasgow a couple of months back near Central station and it was about 8am. There was a gang of workmen just getting their morning brief before ascending scaffolding. One of them was drinking a can of Dragon Soop…another local favourite.

Breakfast of Champions! :trophy:

My BMI is 27.8
I get between 1/3 and 1/2 of my calories from Huel depending on the day
I am very active and train every day at least once

Changed your mind?

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I’d be embarrassed Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) Official Video HD - Scatman John - YouTube


BMI is 19.5 and Huel consumption is between 40% and 50%.

The problem is, that my weight varies a lot due to a tendency to from edema (I was standing a lot in my previous job, which lead to venous insuffiency). But in general I am below the average.

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