Where are all the RTD?

16 bottles of yFood arrived
Can report that vanilla is almost undrinkable
Has a very unpleasant aftertaste
Absolutely no comparison to RTD
Off to Sainsbury’s to leave the remaining 15 in the food bank and drag home a bulk RTD
Please get RTD back online :innocent:

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Love affair back on.


Are you serious? Is the water not to cold for swimming? At least here in Germany even the normally warmest lakes still have temperatures around 15°C.

No it was balmy.

That’s a shame but also highlights one of the benefits of Huel for me – its far more palatable in taste and texture than many other alternatives I’ve tried. If its any use for you, I checked and Holland & Barret have a deal on Huel RTD – all are reduced to £3.00 for both version 1 & 2 and appear to be in stock on all flavours online.


ok… that was a great suggestion!
Holland & Barret £3 per RDT plus free delivery
AND 18% Holland & Barret on topcashback (can be hit and miss)
Thats significantly cheaper than even direct from Huel
Great start to the week :slight_smile:


Came here looking for info on RTD because it’s been out of stock for a long time now. I wonder what can have gone so badly wrong. Are supermarkets going to start getting affected? That might be quite damaging for Huel.

I wish I could give an update on the situation, but we’re still in the process of getting production going again. As soon as we have an update and dates for back in stock we will be screaming this from the rooftops!

Supermarkets generally speaking should have stock due to them receiving reserves before the production issue happened. It’s definitely far from an ideal situation, but all we can do right now is push to get RTD back as soon as possible.

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So do supermarkets receive a huge load of bottles and then sell off that stock slowly over time? I would have assumed that they’d get smaller deliveries on an ongoing basis. Not that it makes a difference to us as consumers, just interested to know how that kind of business works.

The supermarkets had reserved stock as backup, but as I said this was prior to OOS or the production issue we experienced so this is why they’ve still been able to sell RTD. Personally, I’m not sure if this is the case for all brands/supermarkets but I would be happy to ask our retail team if you’re interested!

I know on average that UK supermarket distribution hubs hold a little over 3 weeks worth of inventory but it would be interesting to hear from your team how that has changed from their experience during and since the pandemic when the Just in Time delivery models the retailers had been using the past few decades basically collapsed and had to be ‘reimagined’.

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At least here in Germany I don’t know of any supermarket offering Huel RTD. The only complete food drinks that are available here are from yfood - my friends have already switched to that brand. The problem is just, that it is of lower quality. But they offer a large variety of readily available RTD; and RTD are still among the most popular product, due to the better taste, texture and convenience.

Therefore I also think that it is quite damaging to Huel that RTDs haven’t been available for a long time now.

Since the cessation of lockdowns (especially in the UK), we have seen exponential growth in retail demand for Huel RTD and it’s quite hard to define when exactly our retailers changed their ways of working from Just In Time (JIT) to holding stock. Seemingly more retailers are now adopting the model of holding stock given the frequency and quantity of their orders, especially retailers who have ambient storage. In the likes of retailers who use the cold chain, we tend not to sit on too much stock in these warehouses but enough to avoid JIT. This also helps to ensure that the product is chilled to the right type of viscosity/thickness for retail customers.

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Just don’t buy and drink it straight away from a Holland & Barret store. They store their RTD at room temperature and some of the bottles in my local store had clearly been sat there a while. I cracked one open straight away (was surprised to see v2.0 flavours) and it wasn’t great - thin and the warm temperature altered the taste. Chilled is the only way to go.

yup, I was surprised when I was back in the UK that the H&B stores did not offer them chilled even though they had drinks fridges there stocked with other products.

Bit dumb not having them in the fridge.

As we are still working hard on our expansion in the German retail sector and are trying out many branches, we can’t give you an exact list of shops that stock us currently.

However with that being said, over the coming months, there are big things coming for German retail!

Thanks for the feedback on this, we do recommend consuming RTD chilled so I will make sure this is passed on to our retail team.

Do you mean price increases? Most brands here already increased their prices, so this isn’t much of a surprise. By keeping them constant, you have gained some competitive advantage, though. Some friends who had changed to Yfood came back to Huel again due to the price.

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I thought RTD was back… but I’d landed on the US site …

I’ve had my last three orders from H&B (~60 bottles) and they do indeed turn up dusty and chucked in a wonky old box… but they are still £3 per bottle and they have Banana
TopCashBack wont track through as I supect they claim they are already discounted

Great to see the Huel Machine at London Blackfriars, useful in a pinch but need a way to get a receipt…

It’s great to see that you’re managing to get some Ready-to-drink through our resellers while we work hard to have Ready-to-drink available on our site again. As per the original message, as soon as there is a substantial update on the situation, we’ll make sure to let everyone know :slight_smile:

In the meantime, we appreciate your continued understanding and support!