Who else counts shaking huel as a exercise set


a good shake

good for the arm muscles

tense your abs too

good little workout

earn your huel !


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Get’s the blood pumping first thing in the morning for sure!

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i prefer it to blending , love to earn it.

My Apple Watch records it as exercise so good enough for me :grin:

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i have several techniques.

maybe that could be a huel mission.

“what is your mixing technique?”

I shake my huel for max 15 seconds and its good to go. Not much exercise in that. I have perfect wrist action.


oh man 15 seconds

i like to think thats long enough

but im usually shaking for well over 1 minute

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Yep. 10-15 seconds here too.

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This seems a bit much. I reckon I rarely go over 5 seconds. Far stronger wrists than Hunzas, but then I’ve been single for many years.

You making cheese?

edit: maybe butter is more accurate. Something that you mix for ages. I dunno. It was funnier in my head.


Isn’t it the longer you are in a relationship the stronger your wrist becomes?

It’s probably an inverted bell curve.

Anything more than two shakes is considered recreation.


ive made a video how long i can shake it for.

theres a technique i use with the BlenderBottle i have with a mixer ball, it works really well.

Can you do it again using that big shaker you have next to the radiator; is that for mixing up a week’s worth at once?


bin men came today actually

its totally empty