Will be writing a Huel blog

Hi. I’m having a bilateral hip replacement on 27th November. My surgeon advised me to get my nutrition as close to ideal as possible to give me the best chance possible of healing and (eventually) returning to competitive Taekwondo.

I will be using Huel for much of my nutrition, ideally up to 100% of my food intake (or as close as I can get it). I’ll be writing a blog to track my progress on two fronts: 1) My recovery from surgery and the potential impace Huel has on that, and 2) what it’s like to (try and) live off 100% for a year. Yes, I plan to consume nothing but Huel & water for a full year. I figured a blog might prove useful to myself and other readers.

I’m unsure of this forum’s terms of service relating to posting links to personal sites/blogs, but would I be allowed to post a link to my blog here when it’s up and running?



Hi Dan

Hope the surgery goes ok.

Yes, please do post your progress blog; we’ll be interested to read your progress