Worst Customer Service Ever


That’s rough… Done that a few times, good thing you used a plastic bag :sunglasses:


I like my Huel like I like my women. Not leaky.


Dry as sand paper?

So if i am not having lunch today can I bank the 500 calories and double up tonight to 1000 calories.and get a Pizza?


Calories are calories :man_shrugging:t2: Not very good from a nutritional standpoint though


No I won’t, had one last week and regretted it afterwards. XL Huel instead.


Hello, again Tim,

As you can read in my replies to your last answer, this has nothing to do with customs taxes so, at this point, I would like to know how I get a refund.

I will appreciate it.


I’m leaky and farty :thinking:


How on earth did you manage that. Mucky pup!:laughing:


I’m glad to see @Ian42 and @hunzas back on form! This forum was getting boring.
Poor old @Carlos still hasn’t had a resolution to his problem however and his Huel has been destroyed :cry::sob::tired_face: (or eaten :smirk:) by the Mexican border police…

Maybe @OliviaOfficialHuel can help


I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the customs office is already enjoying my Huel, but anyway, this issue should be corrected, I’m not sure if I’m the first customer from this part of the planet but not every country works like USA or UK.

I lived in Austin for 16 years until I recently moved to Mexico, and even if this town (Merida) is a beautiful and vibrant place to live, Mexico still has a lot of issues with bureaucracy and corruption (as everywhere in the world).

The good (and bad) news is that “Olivia” from Huel contacted me to offer me a refund minus “admins and processing fee” because they still insist this is a costums payment situation.

I’m disappointed because I was ready to adopt Huel as a next step in my health plans but what can I say, maybe Huel can fix this in the future.

So I will let you know if they give me that refund back.


Maybe customs thought the Huel was drugs and snorted it all…


The drug trafficking in Mexico is the other way…out not in…those customs officers must have been totally wasted.


Wow… the Mexican Health Department didn’t recognize the product. Lmao have they ever thought to google? You’re better than me, I would have told them it’s nice to live in 2019, you know when people don’t die of gangrene and we have technology. To be honest their lack of googling worries me as the uh… “health” department, if they can’t even do that well… :joy:

Oh edit… I didn’t read the part where it says that there’s a lot of bureaucracy and the like… still my opinion stands, bureaucrats should learn to google.


Hey Carlos, thanks for the info about the forms, that feels weird to me but I would have to check with the fulfilment team what the protocol is. Many countries don’t allow us to ship in Huel (Australia and Canada being the most prominent examples) - so perhaps something has changed in Mexican legislation.

Please forgive me for lack of responses here. Clearly my previous response I didn’t have all the information and ultimately exacerbated the issue and disappointed you further. The forum isn’t a customer service platform, it never has been, but when individual problems are raised I will always try and get to the bottom of it. Clearly when I don’t have all the information I can make it worse though - sorry.

The customer support team are the ones to talk to about yours, or anyone’s, problems with orders. If you want to talk and discuss a problem generally then this is the place, but I can’t and don’t supersede the decision of the CS team. I hope you understand.


Hello Tim,

I understand that the forum is not the right vehicle and I apologize for that, but trust me; I tried everything to contact your CS team before I decided to talk about my case here.

I’m disappointed because I was expecting to start using Huel (I don’t like the other options in the market).

Latin America consciousness about products like yours is growing and (pardon my interference) it would be easier for thousands of Latin America potential costumers, to buy your products through the US store.

All these countries (like Mexico) have trade agreements with the US that could simplify transactions like this.

Once again, my apologies and thank you for your kind help.


What does Tim do at work then apart from dropping in here now and again I wonder :thinking: