Would it be better to replace breakfast or lunch


I’ve just placed an order for my first bag of Huel and am looking forward to get started with it!

Reading about how best to start it seems the advice is to first replace one meal of the day and then work up from there, however I’m unsure which meal would be best to replace. I’m thinking either breakfast or lunch as dinner is something I try to have with my kids. I’ve given my typical breakfast and lunch meals during my work week below if that would be useful to help answer my question. Many thanks in advance!

Breakfast (either) :
Bowl of muesli with soy milk
Bowl of cornflakes with dairy milk

Sandwich, packet of crisps and a piece of fruit

I’m not an expert, but I’d go for lunch, because I think for breakfast Granola is better than a shake that, in my case, takes time to be drunk. Unless you will be able, as others do, to sip it in seconds. :slight_smile: I also need something crunchy after waking up, don’t think couldn’t drink a shake.

It also seems to me better replacing a sandwich and crisps with an healthy Huel, than muesli and milk. :slight_smile:
But I think you have to try and see what better fits your life, Huel is very flexible.

I’d go with whichever is most practical for you.

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Thanks for your replies, I’m also wondering how well Huel travels after being blended, ie if I replace my lunch with Huel will it be ok if I blend it in the morning and then travel to work with it on the hot and humid Tube then put in the fridge as soon as I get into work, until drinking it at lunch?

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Shouldn’t be a problem. I mean don’t lean it on the radiator, but you shouldn’t have any issues. Get it in the fridge, purely because cold Huel is way better, and reshake it before you get stuck it!

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I used to drive to work…as I live in an area with rubbish public transport and my work was in the arse end of nowhere. Leaving Huel in a hot car for a few hours…wowzee - definitely not recommended…undrinkable…

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I use a wine cooler bag to transport my Huel in.
It can hold two nutri ninja cups (we’re two of us drinking Huel for lunch), and holds it cool until it can go into the fridge at work.

This one holds most things :slight_smile:


That’s cool…in every sense. :smiley:

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Try using a week of Huel for breakfast with your usual lunch and the your usual breakfast with Huel for lunch and determine which you prefer based on saiety response and convenience.