Yet another wonna be weight loser

Hi All,

I’m a 32 year old male who has recently hit the all time high weight of 19st

I’ve always been overweight and its never really bothered me, I very rarely get offended so when comments were made about my weight it didn’t bother me.

Saying that, i have been trying to lose weight on and off since i left school, normally last a month or so, lose a few stone but then give up and end up putting it all back on plus more.

As im sure with many people out there I have tried a number of different diets which work short term but are not sustainable in the long run. I think my biggest problem is that I don’t like healthy foods, mostly fruit, I have tried a number of times but I end up spitting it out however I don’t mind most veg.

So whilst i can do 5:2, Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc (all of which i’ve lost a fair amount of weight on before putting it all back on) they don’t solve the problem of getting the necessary nutrients, this is where im hoping Huel can help.


Getting to 19st was a bit of a wake up call to say I need to do something, I used to wonder how some people got to the weight they are, why didn’t they notice sooner and do something about it but now I realise just how easy it is to fall into that spiral and I really hope I can get myself out of it.

My main issues i need to address is mainly Takeaways and Alcohol, i wouldn’t call myself a alcoholic however there were times where I would have at least a few beers every night, we would also be very quick to suggest a takeaway even though we had a meal prepared.

I started Huel a few months ago though I didn’t even get through the first bag as I gave up due to various excuses though I for the few days I was on it I did start to feel like I had more energy (though could have just been placebo), I don’t really like the taste but im slowly getting used to it and adding some hot chocolate to help.

Life isn’t easy at the moment for a few various issues I won’t bore you with (Work, Deaths, Illness etc) but I need to find a way to stop using them as an excuse to eat and drink. I am very determined to have 2 Huel shakes a day followed by a normal main meal (not takeaway!) though worried about failing and going back to my old ways.


Good luck with it…keeping clear of the bad habits is the killer, and alcohol and takeaways are full of calories. Just drinking a few less beers a week and cutting out the takeaways will be a good start.


Look at the photo there:

That’s what you should eat for optimal health. Plus vitamin b12.

There are many fruits, how is it possible that you don’t like any? Are you sure? I have yet to see one person in the world that doesn’t like berries. Fruits are the ideal snack. If you’re into snacking, then fruit is for you!

I also didn’t like fruit and vegetables when i was a child. Then recently I’ve discovered that i must eat them and now I love them. Our tastes can adapt to the situation. You have to adapt yours. It will take max ~2 weeks. After your tastes are adapted to fruits and veggies, you’ve solved your problem permanently.

Just over a week has passed and im 7lbs lighter :slight_smile:

been having Huel for breakfast every day (and its growing on me) and either another huel for lunch if im in the office or meat n veg for lunch followed by anything for dinner though we are going for the healthier options

Did cave and have a takeaway last week (which isnt good for the first week of dieting i know!) but hasnt affected impacted the weight loss to much

Also a lot more active now, doing at least 10k steps during the week with a few gym sessions (30min Cardio/30min Weights)

Got a Bike Trainer and trying out Zwift which i hope will train me up a bit so im more confident on the roads