Your thoughts on a smaller pouch size?


I would like your opinion on a smaller pouch size. Currently it’s 1.71kg (7000 cals) which is 3.5 days worth at 2000 cals per day.

  • The pros are: only two pouches per week (less waste), easy to get your hand inside to get scoops out.
  • The problem - is that is not easy to transport to work, fit in handbag, sports bag, etc. Plus a little big for some kitchen cupboards.

I’m currently considering halving the size to 885g. This should solve the problems listed about, but it does mean you will get more pouches 1 week (4 pouches, 2 week (8), and 4 weeks (16). Plus it will be slighly more difficult to take scoops of Huel out.

What is your opinion?

thank you, Julian.

I personally prefer it as it is.
I have one large bag for home and one large bag for work.


I think either keep it as it is or go the whole hog and do 7 pouches, 1 for each day. The only real problem with the big bags is that they really don’t close well.


7 pouches would be ideal for me, but I don’t imagine Huel will want to produce that many bags which will contribute to 7x the amount of wastage.

Unless we can re-use the smaller bags or something along those lines.

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I was suprised at the size of the bags at first but have got used to them now so I’m fine as they are.


@Cimeries thank you for your opinion. Regarding the seal being tricky to close this is because there is powder in the seal. Just run a sharp point, e.g. knife or credit card, along the seal/coupling/groove to get the powder out. Hey presto, an easy to close seal. Thank you Quidditch and Tom on our Forum for the tip.


I just pour it straight out into some 5 litre plastic food containers with sealable lids. I don’t like faffing around with the pouches every day which seems to be fiddly and more messy as I end up with powder flicking everywhere - It’s easier measuring the powder out from something with a nice wide opening. If anything, one even larger bag would work better for me. Some well tested re-usuable sturdy containers to transport smaller quantities to work would be more useful, like Lock & Lock containers.


Oh, and I don’t even bother with the pouch seal - I just use a pair of scissors and cut it right off and then pour into my container.

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I put mine straight in to a large tin and then scoop it out. I have no need for smaller packs.

Perhaps sell a huel storage box-

Or recycle a bottle

I am happy with how things are.

However, one suggestion might be to sell reusable boxes that people can use to put one day’s worth in. These could just be normal plastic boxes, but Huel branded like the shakers are. The advantage of this kind of approach would be that it would cut down on packaging waste, yet people can still have convenient daily portions packaged.

The problem with having selling small daily packets is that everyone has different calorie requirements. By selling reusable plastic tubs it allows people to decide how much they want per day.


I just got 5l tupperware containers from a supermarket, one for home and one for work.

I dont think an entire pouch will fit in one of them but its a solution that works well for me

I’ve just been considering this as I’ve just been trying to find somewhere to store the Huel in my small kitchen, the bags are a bit cumbersome, but I think in the future I’ll be finding a large box and decanting it.

The only thing that did get me about the current bags was that I assumed on my first order I’d get one large bag, that it arrived as 2 bags quite annoyed me because the first thing I thought was “why couldn’t I have just bought one bag? why is the minimum order 2 bags?” For people who are just trying out Huel it makes much more sense to me to be able to buy one bag for ~£25 than 2 bags at £45 I’m sure it would increase the adoption rate.

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@sk8ninja - thank you for the feedback. Because the delivery charge is include if we sold a single pouch it would be cost more than half. Plus you wouldn’t get the free t-shirt and shaker. We feel that the week is a good starting points. But will be launching a 100g sample pack very soon.

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I would go for 443 g as the smaller size and the more bags you have the less of a risk that the product may get contaminated and large quantities of the batch ruined by spillage, getting it wet, bacterial contamination etc.

Indeed having a choice so that the week amount is broken down into 1 day pouches (therefore 7 pouches in a weeks supply) also makes sense and will help people to ration the dose.

The problem with single day amount is that almost no one has the same day amount requirements or usage.

I like it as it is; when you open the last pouch, you know you have a few days to order the next batch, otherwise I’d be suggesting larger bags, not smaller.

Boxes make sense for people that only need a smaller quantity on hand and/or have storage space issues. Not sure on huel-branded boxes being sold as I’d assume you run into the same issue of everyone having different requirements.


I think the current pouch size is fine.

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I like it as it is, don’t change anything.
Or sell Huel branded plastic boxes too (see, Buchsteiner has plenty of them!

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I have some samples but they do feel a bit cheap. I would prefer stainless steel ones.

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The size isn’t that important to me but I’d like a zip or an easier seal.