5kg Bag of Huel

I just got my order of Huel…

I now go for the largest order to save a bit of money, like I’m sure most people will do when they realise the benefits of Huel.

It occurred to me that the 1.74kg bags are not the most cost effective for both customer and Huel.

Why not do a 5kg bag? It could work out better for production efficiency, packaging costs, logistics and ultimately the customer.


Good idea.
Buy 5 kg and split at home if you wish to - save on package! We cannot recycle bags at the moment so it would be good for the environment too!


I would totally buy 5kg bags of Huel !

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I bought a 5kg of a another lent because it was on sale (big mistake) and the problem was that 5kg bag was freaking massive and didn’t fit In a cupboard until it was a third empty. Was also harder to take a little bit away with me on trips and such.

Huel bags on the otherhand; well they stack quite nicely thanks to how they’re shaped and vacuum packed.

Compare that to the same amount of a product that comes in day or single meal bags. We’ve got it good already :slight_smile:

It’s not a bad idea, however the pouches are already quite large and a 5kg bag would look a bit large in the kitchens of many. I like the idea of selling Huel in large recyclable bags that you can decant into your normal Huel pouches but there are storage considerations our end to consider.

In time we’ll come up with a better solution to this, maybe our 3rd year is the time!

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I would not be surprised if the Huel team is thinking of releasing a tub of Huel - the way Soylent have done it - and sell it in shops :wink:

I’ll definitely echo the shouts for a 5kg bag. It’s what I used to do all the time with my other supplements because it was cheaper per kg. I then had a hard plastic tub, fitting about 2kg’s worth, which I used in the kitchen, topping up as necessary from the 5kg bag. Only just starting with Huel but it does seem a bit crazy to have all these smaller bags floating around. I’ve got spare 5kg bags left over from previous supplementation so I could always store Huel in these but seems a shame to see all that plastic just be used to ship and then be thrown away.


Selling in the shops would increase the price dramatically, because then the shop would put their own costs on top of it.

Its a great idea. I would buy. 2 bags of 5kg

I buy the standard bags but then decant them into a large Mason jar that I purchased at IKEA… this keeps my HUEL nice and fresh and means that I dont have to deal with the powder catching in the zipper top of the bag and ruining the seal