Bbs syndrome and huel

Hi all

Starting weight 331lbs or 23.9 stone 3 years ago
Starting huel 19.9 or 275lbs
Day 2 19.7 or 273lbs
-2 lbs in day
2 huel 208 cals of 2500 cals frist day
Day 2 1326cals with 412 cals of huel

I was born with rear gentic syndrome bbs syndrome where with going blind I was born with out the gland in my brain that tells us we full so my bodie is starving all time even when eat soild food so iv been searching for way of eating iv lost 60lbs over 3 years and last year I stay same
first have say I’m very prod of my self because bbs people are surpossed to gain weight all our lives and I stoped that 3 years ago but the hunger was getting to me so I found huel and said I was going try this and I’m on my second day and I’m so happy I split my huel into 104 cal drinks and it fills me me 3/4 hours which for 104 cals is amazing and it feels like eaten full 3corse meal I am also haveing a meal a day 1000-1500 cals a day bbs people need less cals


Whoa! Are you talking about Bardet-Biedl Syndrome? That’s some serious trouble you got there, sympathies! And congratulations on staying positive!

Yes and I have bbs 10 there lots wrong with me but I’m one lucky ones I have my eyes that are going but centre is good ish can’t read see small things walk with cane abd device dog learning Difficulties spinal arthritis not from bbs extra toe still have stichted my finger was taken away when born as it was just fleash and missing gland in my brain that tells me I’m full but just gos I’m going blind I can do anything you can and better I had two exabtion and my 3 oct this year I ran the marathon in 07 I horse rid and rock climb dove all sports when younger been around world which funny my said you need do this now when ask why we travked she you never now what future bring now have not flown in 5 year ago ihave wounderfull hubby and sebice dog and when weight comes of hope start horse riding again how do know about bbs it’s very rear thank will keep posted eat 1800 cals with 4 huel at 412 working on having more and less food iget so full of the drinks it’s amazing hope your well

Hi all had hard week haveing huel through great but when starting still can’t stop going 100% huel today wish luck will post in cople days let know how going

104 calls, is that just over half a scoop/26grams?

That’s amazing that it keeps you full for 3/4 hours!

I’m on day three today and having 2 scoops/76g for breakfast and it’s keeping me full for 4 hours but I’d struggle on less

Good luck Jenna!

It’s 25g I do 100g for 4 drinks as have lot weight loss I’m aiming for 400-800 cals a day I like my drink very thin as was juicer there 104 cals drink I do the night befor put in fridge I add coffe lemons chicken stock berries so prod of you have not been able do full day today is it I can’t have soild food as I can’t stop eating even if have two drinks with food I will still eat till I’m sick and iobe drink dis 4-7 hours my day one 7 hours evening one 3-5 I’m going be haveing then when I’m hunger and as can have up 20 but as iv not got passed 5 with food I’m thinking 8 will work your doing great keep going