Cycling from Bath, England to Bilbao, Spain sustained by Huel

Last year, I raised money for the charity Brain Tumour Research by attempting a long-distance bike ride from Bath to Bilbao. It was an amazing experience but about 40 miles south-west of Bordeaux I was hit by a car which brought a premature end to my trip. I was fine (apart from a small graze on my hip) but the rear of my bike was snapped in half.

This year, on the 23rd July, I plan to do the trip again but with a few changes. Before, I survived on various beers, Subway, McDonalds and Pizzas. This time, I’m having a more structured diet of Huel that I’m hoping will provide sustenance for the demands of an exhausting trip.

I’m having to supplement Huel so that I get the right amount of the carbs for the amount of time I’m spending on my bike. It’s going to look something like this:

This should provide me with:

My route should look like this:

Day 1 Trowbridge to Plymouth 133 miles
Day 2 Roscoff to Josselin 133.9 miles
Day 3 Josselin to Nantes 109.7 miles
Day 5 Nantes to La Rochelle 98.4 miles
Day 6 La Rochelle to Soulac Sur Mer 96.6 miles
Day 7 Soulac Sur Mer to Biscarosse 103.9 miles
Day 8 Biscarosse to Hendaye 98.9 miles
Day 9 Hendaye to Bilbao 86.8 miles

If you’re interested in following, I’ll post updates closer to the time here as well as on the Facebook page:

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This is amazing! Keep us updated, I’d love to hear how you get on.