Does Huel contain nuts?

I just received my first ever order of Huel today. My girlfriend is interested in trying it but she is seriously allergic to every possible nut. I am wondering if there are any trace amounts of nuts at all, even peanut oil and the like.

I found this post from Julian, the Huel founder:

“March 2016 - Huel is now in it’s own dedicated facility, which does not currently handle any milk, egg, wheat, peanuts and nuts. So the warning has been removed from the new pouches.”

So you should be OK unless this has changed. Best wait for @TimOfficeHuel to confirm though.

I guess the team need to answer, but since March 2016 has been produced in a nut free factory.

Spot on @Coup. Only correction would be that this is only true of the Powder (Vanilla, Unflavoured) not of the Bars, which although do not contain nuts in the ingredients, are not produced in a nut free environment.

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Thank you for the confirmation