Help- binge, fast eater

I’m new to Huel and looking for advice!
I bought Huel as a way of stabilising my eating. I’m a binge- fast kind of person as much as I don’t want to be. I’m hoping to loose weight but don’t know what a healthy amount of calories a day even is? I eat on average less than 500calories a day with a couple of spike binge days where I ate LOADS so my body has averaged out as ‘healthy weight’ despite my unhealthy eating habits. I’m 20, female, 5”8, and just under 11 stone.
Any help would be amazing- trying to get healthier :sweat_smile:

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Welcome Bethany. I understand your meaning of health is to consume a consistent amount of calories per day? Try introducing Hiel gradually perhaps for breakfast and then maybe on alternate days for lunches. Creating a timetable may help and include meal times on it to make sure you have a meal at that time. A reflective diary may help to write how you felt after a binge or a meal and then at the end of the day to understand your motivations for binge eating. This may then help you to self identify why you binge. In turn you can ameliorate these factors.

Hi! Thanks for your response :slight_smile: Honestly I don’t know what my meaning of health is ahaha. I binge eat and fast because I’m disabled and I can’t cook most days so I alternate between not eating and ordering takeaways. Thought Huel might be healthier alternative? Would you recommend having 100% Huel for this time? And by one for breakfast, do you mean the full 3 scoops?

Maybe not 100%. Most people use it alongside main meals. There is reportedly a period of adjustment with Huel with trapped wind, constipation reportedly due to increased fibre content. (I never experienced this). You can perhaps start with 1 scoop then increase to 2 and see how it goes. Perhaps use for 1 meal initially then go from there. Huel also sell RTD and bars. These are healthier than other snack products. Sorry about asking awkward health questions. I lecture part time on health.

No need to apologise- ask away! So I should aim to use this as a breakfast substitute starting one scoop building up and also eat regular meals as in lunch and tea? Not sure I can manage 3 meals a day ahaha but I can try working towards it! Also what are the snacks like? I haven’t tried them but noticed they weren’t mega cheap so didn’t know if they were worth a buy?

Yes that’s how I think most people start. One scoop then increasing to two. Most people swap out one or two daily meals with Huel. From what I’ve read around it appears to usually be breakfast and lunch. However do what makes you feel comfortable. I think having a more consistent calorie and nutritional intake is more beneficial than peaks and troughs. There is much research into diet and mood regulation; diet and immunity. A consistent nutritional intake and balance is beneficial.

The Huel bars are a bit like a vegan version of a mars bar but less soft and more nutritionally balanced. (I prefer not to use the term healthy or unhealthy when describing food). For a bar I’ve found them quite filling. Huel also do the Granola. I find this useful for myself. I’m quite active and the protein:carb is beneficial for me. Some say the granola is too crunchy. I found so at first but it’s now my cereal of choice.


I have a few disabled family members/ friends with different disabilities that all use Huel.

For my friend with a neurological condition who was dangerously malnourished when he started Huel he started once a day with a 400 calorie meal as advised by his nutritionist, his daily recommended calories was over 2000 but got nowhere near that grom food.

He was told to monitor when he got hungry and when he would eat in a diary.

He later moved on to having anywhere from 400-1200 calories of Huel a day. This helped him to improve his blood test results and helped him stop binging at night when getting really hungry.

I would suggest you doing something similar. If you recognise your pattern of eating and use Huel for a healthy early meal at last your body is getting a good dose of nutrition. Then track when you get hungry and how much makes you feel full.

Weigh your Huel of possible, and play around with the amount and consistency to find a meal size you find filling.

Using an app like my fitness pal even if you only track your Huel intake will help you track the nutrients you are getting more than the calories.

My friend found his body adjusted to a more regular eating pattern and the urge for binge days reduced over time.